Matthew likes Brooklyn and tries to get her attention. But, with Cameron being her older brother, protects Brooklyn from falling in love with Matt. To do so, Cameron tells lies about Matt so Brooklyn doesn't like Matt.
Brianna likes Nash but it's really hard to have a perfect relationship, when the one you love, doesn't love you back.
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3. Meeting

Chapter 3

Nash's POV

"No she isn't, my sister is 16!" Cam went and grabbed his sister by the arm."And you two, CANNOT date her."

I saw his sister's friend, on the phone.

"Sup." I waved.

"Oh Hi."

"I'm Nash."

"I'm Brianna."

"You need help with your baggages?"

"Is that a word?"

"Yes it is."

I turned around to see Cam and Matt giving me a confused and laughing stare.

"Shut up you two."

I carried Brianna's pink bags and turned to see an old man giving me a raised eyebrow and discusted look.

"It's not what it looks like."

"People these days." The old man said ashamed.

Matt and Cam were laughing at me.

"So you like her?" Cam asked.

"No." I said.

"Really?" Matt asked.

"I don't wanna love, ever, what if she just wants me for fame? My money? My profits? My looks?"

"Bro, bro, a bit of confident there."

"Yeah I don't think she knows about Magcon." Cam said.

"How do you know?"

"Because even my sister doesn't know about Magcon."

"Well it's over so." Matt said finally.

The plane ride went by really fast. I was awake watching movies most of the time. It was a bit complicated to get in the cab with a whole bunch of girls wanting pictures and autographs and hugs and a thousand more.

When we got to the hotel, I was so amazed. Everything was fancy....

"Ladies first." I said to Brianna as we got on the escalator. I don't think she heard me. She was on her phone.



I opened my eyes to see that I fell on top of Brianna.. when she crashed into me.

"Sorry." She said.

"Nah it was my fault."

I stared into her. Nothing to say. .. not even realizing that I should've gotten up. I gave her a hand and looked up to see Cam's sister taking pictures of us.

"Awkward." Matt said.

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