Matthew likes Brooklyn and tries to get her attention. But, with Cameron being her older brother, protects Brooklyn from falling in love with Matt. To do so, Cameron tells lies about Matt so Brooklyn doesn't like Matt.
Brianna likes Nash but it's really hard to have a perfect relationship, when the one you love, doesn't love you back.
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6. Dinner

Brooklynn's POV

 We walked into the restaurant, Applebees, and got our seats. The whole time I felt someone looking at me. I looked up to see Matt. I blushed and when he saw that I caught him he blushed too and looked away. I looked to Cameron and saw he looked mad. I sighed. "Cam stop it." I said and everyone looked at him. "Fine. Just this once." he answered. Brianna leaned to me.  "What was he doing?" she asked. "He caught me and Matt looking at each other and looked like he would kill someone. If i didn't stop him, I think he would have." I answered and she nodded.

 Our food finally arrived I was starving! Okay okay, not starving, just hungry. I started eating when I felt another person looking at me. It was Matt again. He nodded his head towards the exit. I gave him a questioning look. He sighed and got up and walked to the exit. "Excuse me. I'm gonna answer this phone call." I got up and walked after Matt. I looked around for him outside and couldn't find him. When i was about to give up I turned and saw Matt finally. "Took you about 5 minutes to just turn around?" he laughed. "I don't know. But anyway, why did you want to come out here?" I asked. He took a minute to respond. "To talk without your brother giving me the death glare." I nodded understandingly.

 Matt's POV

 I didn't know what to say. To be honest, I didn't think she would follow me out. "So, um. Why is your brother like this towards us?" I asked. I did want to know the answer. She thought for a moment. "I don't really know. I think he is afraid of what your fans would respond. But I also think that if you would hurt me he would be stuck in between his best friend and his little sister. And I know you most probably won't hurt me." " Nah. I wouldn't hurt you." "Exactly. Nothing really hurts me." "Really?" "Yup. But yeah pinches and kicks do hurt. But other than that, I don't really care. Unless if it's like heart break." Carefree, I like it. "You like carefree?" "What? Did I say that out loud?" she nodded and giggled. Aw she's cute.  After a few minutes of fooling around I asked her if she was ticklish. "Erm.. nope." "Youre lying!" I started tickling her while she laughed. Then I heard someone clear their throats behind us. I looked to see Cameron.

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