Matthew likes Brooklyn and tries to get her attention. But, with Cameron being her older brother, protects Brooklyn from falling in love with Matt. To do so, Cameron tells lies about Matt so Brooklyn doesn't like Matt.
Brianna likes Nash but it's really hard to have a perfect relationship, when the one you love, doesn't love you back.
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4. Dibs & Bras

Chapter 4

Cameron's POV

"DIBS ON BROOKLYN!" Matt shouted as he jumped on the bed.

"DIBS ON THE KING SIZED BED." Nash jumped on the kind sized.

"DIBS ON KILLING MATT IF HE HITS ON MY BABY SIS!" I said with a sarcastic smile.

"Aye." Nash said.

"Seriously bro don't touch her." I warned. Matt stayed quiet and saddened his face at me, I ignored it."Im gonna go ask if they need help packing."

"Need help?" Matt asked.

"Not from you." I left the room.

I walked into the other room and a bra was thrown at me.

"Oops, we thought you were a boy." Brooklyn teased.

"Very funny, I came here to ask if you guys needed any help."

"Yeah we do." Brianna replied.

"Should've thought about that before you threw your junk at me." I laughed. I quickly got out before they could throw more junk at me.

"Hey Cam you wanna go eat?" Matt asked.

"Yeah sure. We can go to Applebee's." I suggested.

"Yeah." Nash replied.

"So you gonna tell the girls?" Matt asked.

"Why? So you can hit on them?"

"Maybe." Matt said.

"I won't." Nash stated.

"I don't wanna choose between you two." I told Matt.


"If anyone is caught hitting on Brooklyn I will murder them."

"Well then can I have a eulogy at my funeral?" Matt teased.

"No." I said. I texted Brooklyn that we were gonna go eat and for her and Brianna to get ready.

Brianna's POV

I'm so nervous. I really wanted to tell Brooklyn that I liked Nash. He has such beautiful eyes and manners. And he's sooooo hot. And I'm pretty sure that's why you like in guys too so don't give me that personality matters thing... you know it's true.

"Hey Brooke?"

"Yeah?" She asked.

"Do you .. like Nash or even think that... he's single?"

"Um, no he's okay, I guess, and I think he's single.. pretty sure..." She replied."Why? You like him?"

"Maybe.... okay yes!"

"OMG that's so great because I like Matt!" She squealed.

Finally got it out of my system.

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