My Staked


1. When I Get Feelings For Nash

I Wake Up To See Cam There "What The Hell" I Said "What?!?"Says Cam "Why Are You Staring At Me!?!?" I Say "Cause Your Beautiful!?" He Says Nervous "Thanks??"I Say Awkward "Sorry"He Says Sad "It's Ok"I Say Leaning Over And Kiss Him On The Check And Hug Him "Ok"He Says Blushing We Run Down Stairs Holding hands We Here Matt Say "There so Dating" I run And punch Matt "OW?!!!" He Said "Were Not Dating" I say Yelling "Ok But Stop Punching Me"He Said Mad I Hug Him And Say "Ok" He Looks At Me Then Leaves (NEXT DAY)Matt Walks Up To Me And Says "Uh hey can I talk to you" I Get Up and say "Sure" We Walk Outside "Sooo What's up" I Said "I Like You Ever Sense Yesterday I Can Not Stop Thinking About You"He Said Awkwardly "Uh ok That's it" I say laughing "What" he said mad "I kiss him on the check "it doesn't matter so shut the fuck up" I say laughing We go inside I run upstairs and I turn around and see Cameron following me I jump on my bed "hey uh can I tell u something" asked cam "sure" I say "uh I like u" he said "ok" I say back that night I was thinking if I date cam I might lose Matt as a friend and if I date Matt I might lose cam as a friend I wake up screaming (by the way Nash is my bro) Nash comes running in "What Happened" he says "nightmare"I say back I sit up and turn on the t.v and cam comes and sits by me I move over and we watch I scary movie next thing I know I'm Hiding In cam shirt And I get up and coddle him The movies over and I'm asleep (CAMS PART) She's so cute and set her down She wakes up and said to me "I Love Cameron" I walk over and she's sleep talking I laugh ( SKYLINS PART) I Wake up and say "ugh I'm watching a scary movie" cam runs in "me to" we sit down and I look at cam and say " I like like u" He looked shocked "hey wanna go to the land I bought" everyone says "Sure!" (CAR RIDE TO THE LAND) so the car seats go Hayes,Shawn,back seats,Me,Nash,cam. I Look at the window "What's up with u" Nash said "uh just board" I say Nash hugs me

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