The Forbidden and the Forboded

There are five races in Thrae. The Nomae, also known as the center or "Neutral" race, then there are the "corner" races. The Audin, also known as the earth tribe are known for their light hair, large feet, and brown or green eyes and close affiliation with animals. The Sanbari, also known as the fire tribe known for their reddish-tan skin, black long hair, red or yellowish eyes, and family-oriented lifestyle. The Garrin, the water-dwelling race that is rarely encountered and are believed to dwell in great tunnels linking large lakes to the ocean. Finally there is the Thasin, the wind tribe, believed to be extinct, were known for their extremely dark skin, large wings, and nomadic lifestyle. In the corner races, each person is born with a certain amount of “Gift” – their ability to control their element and things associated with it. Some have more “Gift” than others and some only have one ability given by the “Gift”.


3. 2. Disgust

       Aura looked down at her feet. They were still bare. The floor was made of wood, it was smooth and cold. Cold like the man's eyes in front of her. Smooth like his reddish-tan skin. Aura wanted to sigh, but that wouldn't be appropriate for her to do. O'shat curtsied and bowed her head slightly.

     "It is pleasant to meet my new master." she said softly.

     "Tch" the man clicked his teeth. "Panoe, was this really necessary? You married an Audin - but I can't have a little fun?" The man smirked, his eyes still glaring coldly at Aura.

      "Not if that fun means I'll have an illegitimate nephew! Now - I had to buy them both with such haste I didn't even look at their papers! The thing you are looking at - didn't cost me much - however having this sort of thing in my home will be less shame than what you almost caused!" The man burst out loudly waving his arms about. He turned to the two new charges. "My name is Pa-noe Shaeirr, this is my youngest brother Rei-iyune Shaeirr- my wife Jerra will be out soon to show you both around. You will address us all accordingly. O'shat." He called out finally. The woman took a step forward keeping her eyes turned down slightly.  "You are here to tend to my wife and the flower garden. If you feel like helping with the crops you may - but that is up to you. You will keep her company - she does not speak Sanboa and her Nomek isn't good either." The man smiled a little at his last comment. He looked to Aura. "You." he said simply.

      "Yes Master." Aura said her gaze cast down.

      "NO!" Rei-iyune shouted. "Get that thing out of here! Mother would kill us first if she saw this! What is up with you!?" He began to pace back and forth. Aura kept her eyes down now, she only saw their feet. There was a draft in the room.

       "I had to get someone I know you wouldn't touch, and I will not have any more men working  inside the house around my wife!" Pa-now shouted. "You both wait here, I will go and get my wife."

     Rei-iyune looked at the girl in front of him. He still couldn't get over the idea that Pa-noe had brought something like her inside in the first place. The Sanhemwai Council barely allowed his marriage to Jerra. Pa-noe and Jerra had been forced to make a pledge never to have children. If Jerra even got pregnant by accident somehow it would be the end for all of them - if not at least Pa-noe and Jerra. The Sanhemwai rarely left survivors, and were always certain to make a clear example of every case. You break the Oaths, you sacrifice your life. It was something every Sanbari grew up understanding. Rei-iyune felt a chill crawl up his spine at the sight of her. The fact that she even existed was a mystery to him. She was half Sanbari. That meant someone had broken an Oath just to conceive such a thing. But what made it the crime of all crimes, was that the other half of her was Garrin. Despite the prophesy about fire and water, someone had gone and done the one thing that every Sanbari child was taught to fear. Yet he already knew who she was. There wasn't a Sanbari alive who didn't know that story.

      The rumors had spread like wildfire. That an Oracle had spared the life of a mixed child found at the site of its family's massacre. No one knew who killed that family -but their remains were scattered across the sand like a child's painting. Everyone believed it was the girl - but the Oracle had her sold into slavery instead. The Sanhemwai never went against the actions of an licensed Oracle like Yahem-shai. Still her career as a teller was scarred because of it. No one knew what had become of her as of late. The Counsil had tried at settling the people by revealing that there were also some unknown factors that protected Yahem-shai's decision. Still to everyone, and to Rei-iyune, this girl should never have existed...

       Her eyes were a deep, dark, almost blood-red that sent shivers up Rei-iynune's spine. Her pitch black hair had random strands of silver laced therein which could be seen clearly despite her hair having an uneven cut only a couple inches in length. Her skin was a milk chocolate that seemed to have a bluish tint to it - clearly from being Garrin. Because her hair was so short Rei-iyune could see the slits behind her ear - gills. She was hardly a five feet tall, and she was so painfully thin it seemed as though she might break simply from standing. However, what halted Rei-iyune the most - what made him shiver - was that despite everything he could still tell that she was beautiful. Her eyes were large - and child-like, with long lashes. Her cheek bones looked a bit sharp because her face had become sallow from weight loss, but their height and shape was clearly nice. Her chin was small and weak, her lips though chapped were plump and round. She was a creature built to tempt. It disgusted him.

         "So - I know you are O'shat... What is the other thing called?"

         "Aura, Young Master" The slave spoke out, face downcast. She showed no shock, annoyance or pain at being called an abomination. Has she accepted that as the truth? Rei-iyune wasn't sure if that helped or made it worse. How could anyone just be fine with people calling trash, or being addressed as an object. Didn't she have feelings at all? What was worse, was the name. Haiet-aura was the name of the oracle who helped found the capital of the Sanbari nation. She was supposed to be one of the most beautiful women of her time and famed for her immense Gift. To call an abomination Aura - was more than just morally wrong, it was blasphemous. Rei-iyune fought the heat building in his fists - he couldn't use his Gift in anger - but he was just about ready to burst.

      "Hm." He smirked. "So, it was your mother that was Sanbari right?" he asked taking a step closer.

      "Yes." she said still looking down.

      "Was she happy - whoring herself out to a fish?" He asking straight faced looking down his nose at her.

      "...Yes, Young Master." She didn't even flinch.

      "Do you know how I knew it was your mother - who was Sanbari?" he asked.

      "No." she blinked slowly

      Rei-iyune slowly lowered his mouth to her ear and spoke in a whisper. "Everyone knows about you and how your family died... In fact everyone knows who did it." He stood straight and looked down at her. She stood there, her eyes were closed, her breathing steady. Did nothing phase her? If she killed her own family even by accident - she should have had some sort of reaction - or maybe lack of reaction was better proof? If it wasn't her - she should have at least looked up, or flinched. Rei-iyune, made the decision then - if she was going to pretend like nothing bothered her - he wasn't going to make an easy part to play. In fact, he would have fun with this - he was going to make her wish she hadn't stepped foot in this house. After he found her buttons, he was going to smash them.  "Well not only that, you still have that fish smell from when you slid out of her." He shrugged. He looked down, no reaction. Looking at her now, the way she stood there unflinching and stoic. He was starting to hate her.

      "I am sorry if my scent is unpleasant to the Young Master." She spoke softly. Rei-iyune wanted to laugh. "Unpleasant? You smell like fish and who knows what else... piss?" he did laugh now. Rei-iyune kept checking for a reaction. Jerra was taking forever to come out. Perhaps she and Pa-noe were working on breaking their pledge? He was going to run out of material if she didn't hurry, he really already had. He knew that if what he had said earlier had no effect then none of this stupid crap would. "I have never met a Garrin before, I mean very few have even ever seen them. People say they use their Gift to seduce people and drown them in the water. Your mom probably just opened her legs to save her own skin?" He raised a brow smiling. "You really don't mind anything I am saying? Don't you know why you are here?"

    Aura couldn't react to anything he said, she wouldn't. She could sense the loathing seeping out of him. He said everything out of bitterness and anger. His words meant nothing, however, because Aura had her own feelings of anger and loathing. Just being in the home of a Sanbari made her want to throw up. She was certain everyone knew who killed her family - they probably celebrated them. Aura hadn't seen or spoken to a Sanbari since the day she became a slave - since her family was murdered. She didn't mind it - because of this exact reason. O'shat next her was simply oozing sadness and sympathy, but Aura wasn't sad. She was furious. It was taking all of her energy to hold in her Gift. She just had to breathe steady and not look directly at him. If their eyes met - she might hurt him. Aura couldn't risk it. She lived for one thing, and one thing only. She was going to find who murdered her family, and she was going to kill them. She couldn't risk leaving this house, this was her only chance."Master Shaeirr purchased me as a slave." she held back a sigh.

       "Ahh, but don't you understand - you are here to punish me. Both of you actually. We only had one pala before. She was young and pretty. She was hired because she could handle yard-work, the house, and keep Jerra company because she they were both Audin." He began leaning back against the door behind the two women who stood silent. "O'shat can't handle heavy lifting at her age - but will be good company for Jerra - and you." He put a heavy hand on Aura's shoulder. "You are young enough to do the work - and I wouldn't touch you in a million years." He leaned over to speak to Aura softly. "Something like you, I wouldn't touch if we were the last two living things on the planet. The other girl is gone because I was fooling around with her and got her pregnant."

     "Pftghm." Aura accidentally scoffed. He lied - Aura could feel it because he shed his emotions so thickly, and his hand was on her shoulder, making his feelings and thoughts an open book. He didn't need to lie like that to intimidate her. It was pathetic, and Aura hadn't meant to let it slip - but he was being insincere since he started talking about the last pala - Sanbari for "house-keeper" or "worker". She was doing her best, but Aura had never been good at holding in her laughter.

     Rei-iyune stood straight, taken aback at her reaction. After everything he had said she hadn't even looked up. However, not only did she react to that, she had laughed at him. There was no way she could think incapable of such thing after everything he said. Rei-iyune already knew he was good-looking. Women were usually turned to putty if he even looked at them. Was it possible she could tell he was lying? There was no way right? Maybe his breath had tickled her ear - or maybe the way he said gave off the wrong vibe? Rei-iyune had to stand there for a moment to contemplate it... Maybe she found him just as repulsive? No matter how he looked at it - unless she could read his mind there was no reason for her to laugh. He would test it.

      "So you do have other facial expressions? If you weren't what you are - I could make you show a lot more..." Rei-iyune put out, circling back around to stand in front of her. The blood drained from his face. She stood there, as short as she was, looking down from her nose at him, smirking. He wanted to slap her. He felt the heat in his fists again. He turned around and when he looked back at her she was as stiff as a board, and practically shaking. She looked petrified, she had dared to look down on him and suddenly she was afraid? He felt like an idiot, he had almost felt sorry for her - but she wasn't a pitiful little slave girl. She was the product of blasphemy, and she wasn't even ashamed of it. The tickle of flames began to come out of his fists, he took a deep breath. He was going to break her, he was going to beat the shame into her if it was the last thing he did. Her suddenly pale face looking down and away from him, it only served to further disgust him.

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