Newly Wedded

Niall and Anna continue their adventure of being stepbrother and stepsister, until their his dad and her mum divorce. But what happens when their parents are about to be separated and Niall suddenly had to ask Anna a question?


16. Willow Tree Again

-Anna- (Wedding Day)

The August morning air is fresh and the sun is shinning. I drove over to the willow tree on the hill, where my father is. I walked up to his grave and I grabbed some flowers that matched my wedding. "I wish you were here with me today, dad." I said. Tears began to fill my eyes. "To walk me down the aisle to see me get married to Niall. I know you're here with me, but I just wish it was physically too." I said and a flashback came to me.


"Are you ready, Anna?" My mum said to me after zipping up her wedding dress. "It's not my big day just yet, mum." I told her and she grinned. "I've never met Niall before, but I am sure he will be a great stepbrother to you." She told me and then slowly kissed my head.

I remebered that fresh memory. Meeting Niall for the first time that day, something I will never forget. "Anna? What are you doing here?" I turned around and saw Bobby standing there. "Bobby, what are you doing here?" I asked him. "Your mum told me that you would probably be here." He said and I nodded. "Just wanted to come visit my dad on my wedding day. It's been almost 12 years since my father has been dead. I just wish he was here on a special day." I said. Bobby nodded and walked over to hug me.


"Anna, I never met your father. But the way you and your mum talk about him, he sounded like a amazing guy. He was lucky to have as a daughter. I'm lucky to have everyone in my life." Bobby said and I smiled. "Bobby?" I asked. "Yes?" He said. "Will you do the honor of walking me down the aisle in place of my father?" I asked and he smiled. "Absolutely, Anna. I'd be honored to." Bobby said. I hugged him tightly with tears running down my face. "Dry up those tears, you have a big day ahead of you." He said wiping the tears away. I smiled so happily, I felt my dad was watching me, smiling too.

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