Newly Wedded

Niall and Anna continue their adventure of being stepbrother and stepsister, until their his dad and her mum divorce. But what happens when their parents are about to be separated and Niall suddenly had to ask Anna a question?


17. Princess

-Anna- (At a castle- on the beach- in Ireland)

Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis stood in front of me with the bridesmaids, Ariana, Sophia, Perrie, and Eleanour. Greg and Katelyn were best man and maid of honor. "Here we go." Perrie said as she grabbed Zayn's hand. They all went and I was left alone with Bobby. He smiled and held out his arm. "Are you ready?" Bobby asked me and a smiled wipped on my face. "Never have been more ready in my" I said and he looked at me for a second. 3 and a half years it has taken me to call Bobby my dad. He started to smile and I hooked my arm with his.


The next time I blinked my eyes, I opened them and saw Niall at the alter. You & I started to play, and that was my que. I walked down the aisle and Niall was smiling so happily. Right then, the whole world freezed. I felt like it was just us that was left, and thats how I feel everytime I see him. The sun shined and I am at a castle in Ireland, I feel like a Princess right now.


I saw Anna with my dad, walking down the aisle together. "She's beautiful." I whispered. She looked like a Princess that fell right into my arms. Anna stood in front of me and the wedding began. "Niall James Horan, do you take Anna to be your wedded Princess?" I smiled as we looked each other in the eyes. "I do." I said and she smiled. "Anna Jane Gates, do you take Niall to be your wedded Prince?" Anna looked into the audience and then back at me. "I do." She said.


Theo came over and handed me and Anna the rings. "Thanks buddy." I said kissing him on the head and Anna kissed him on the cheek, and he ran to Greg and Denise. We slipped on the rings and then the time had come. "I now pronounce you husband and wife, you make kiss your Princess." And without hesitation, I kissed Anna on the lips. We broke apart and her eyes sparkled like stars. "Hello Mrs. Horan." I told her and she laughed. "Hello Mr. Horan." Anna said and we both laughed.



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