Newly Wedded

Niall and Anna continue their adventure of being stepbrother and stepsister, until their his dad and her mum divorce. But what happens when their parents are about to be separated and Niall suddenly had to ask Anna a question?


7. Own Ways


I packed all of my stuff from my room into the trunk of my car. I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door until i heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "Niall....what are you doing?" Anna asked tiredly. "Moving back to England." I said. "Dont do this-", I cut her off, "No. Its okay, Anna. I need to focus on my career than worry about love and heartbreak. Now that I will be with the boys, i dont have to say a last goodbye." I said and she froze.


I opened the door and went to my car eagerly. I got in and started the car until i noticed she was right there next to my car. I rolled down the window. "I thought i had found my princess, but i guess i was wrong." I said and she tried speaking, but she couldnt. "Lets go our own ways now, Anna. I am over love......i am over us." I said and i backed out of the driveway and drove away, not thinking twice about what i just did.



I stood there, watching him go away. The last time I would see of Niall Horan. Bobby and mum can stay together for as long as they want. Because as of now, I may never see, talk, kiss, or love Niall again. I fell in love with him that day I walked down the aisle next to him. My life may never be the same as it was for a while there, but i'm doing fine right now. I am going my own ways.

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