Newly Wedded

Niall and Anna continue their adventure of being stepbrother and stepsister, until their his dad and her mum divorce. But what happens when their parents are about to be separated and Niall suddenly had to ask Anna a question?


13. New Beginning


I woke up and looked around with boxes around the bedroom. I looked next to me and Anna was sleeping in my arms. She buried her head into my chest. "Good morning, princess." I told her and she smiled. "Good morning, babe." She told me and kissed me. "Want some breakfast? Then we can start unpacking some more. Then I can start packing my suitcases for the tour." I said and she looked at me sadly. "What's wrong?" I asked her wondering what was making her upset. "It's just I'm going to miss you so much. I dont know what I am going to do by myself."  Anna said and I hugged her.


"Hey, you have time to make friends to hang out with and you got the boys' families to spend time with. I know we're a long way from home, but this is our new home now. I promise, I'll see if I can take you. I will do my best, Anna." I said and she kissed my cheek. "Thank you, Nialler." She said.


Honestly, I dont want him to leave. It's just too depressing to watch him go, especially if he is your whole world. He wants me to go on tour, but he has to ask. I dont have Perrie- Little Mix stuff. I wanted to talk to her about wedding stuff since she is also engaged. "Hey, who is going to be your best man?" I asked him as he got out of bed. "I dont know. Harry is Zayn's, but it wouldnt be fair for Liam and Louis if I picked Harry too." Niall said. "Who is Maid Of Honor?" He asked.


"Umm. I guess Katelyn, my best friend from Ireland." I said and he smiled. "Isnt that the one who was freaking out when you emailed me?" Niall asked and I nodded. "I still havent met her!" He said and I smiled. "She lives in London actually now with her dad. We should go have lunch with her this week!" I said and he nodded. "That sounds great, and you girls can chat and catch up!" Niall said and I smiled. "She really like Harry by the way." I said and he grinned after my words and he knew what I was talking about. "I'll see what I can do." He said while he put on his shirt and headed downstairs.

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