Newly Wedded

Niall and Anna continue their adventure of being stepbrother and stepsister, until their his dad and her mum divorce. But what happens when their parents are about to be separated and Niall suddenly had to ask Anna a question?


6. A Final Goodbye

I heard the door bell and I ran to get it. I opened the door and there stood Niall, smiling. "Anna...." He said and he started to walk to me. "Hi Niall!" I said hugging his neck. He gave me flowers and we walked over to the couch. "Niall, listen. We need to talk. I have been meaning to do this for 2 months now, I just didnt think face chatting was a good idea to do it." I said and he nodded slowly.


"This has been on my heart for a while now. So, I have been thinking about us and it's craziness." I said. I really dont want to do this but it has to be done. "Yeah?" Niall said very curious. "I love you, but I dont think there can be a us. With your scedule and mine, we never get to talk. I am always having to fly to you across the world just to see you in person. Face chatting is never enough for me." I said. Tears formed in both of our eyes.


"So, I guess this is it. We just stay stepbrother and stepsister." Niall said getting up. He looked and sounded really hurt. "I also guess this is a final goodbye." I said and I slipped off the promise ring and put it gently into his hand. "I think you have the wrong princess, Niall." I said and I started to walk away. He grabbed my arm and I turned around. "No. You're wrong, Anna. Ever since I saw you and I walked down the aisle with you, you were not a stranger, you have been my princess since then.


I started to cry but I ran up to my room and closed the door. I sobbed quietly. I just let the best thing that has ever happened to me, go. Niall was not completely gone. But as my boyfriend and strong emotions with every move, yes. Now, it was left to stepbrother and stepsister. I names and faces would be on the magazine tomorrow: "Niall Horan and Anna Gates have went their own ways, but still stepbrother and stepsister." I said a final goodbye to Niall and that was all there was to it.



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