Just Girls

Ryan, Aspen, and Grace are best friends. They are all 18. They love 5sos. They all work at this one 80s diner were you have to wear stupid little prissy pink waitress outfits and roller skate around. One day Aspen's washing the floors, Ryan is waiting on people, and Grace is at the register. What happens when 5sos come in and Calum slips on the wet floor and falls on Ryan? Read to find out!! These girls aren't Just Girls.


4. Scary Movie Time


Im updating for my Sandy_bizzle because she really wants me to!! I hope everyone likes it!! Shout out to Sandy_bizzle!! Stay awesome my friends!!


Luke unlocked the door and we all got inside. I plopped down on a big black couch and sunk down into it. The girls sat next to me on either side and the boys just stood in front of us.

"What do you want to do?" Calum said, crossing his arms on his chest. I shrugged. He shrugged to.

"Scary movie?" I said. Calum smiled and walked outside. We all followed and he pulled down a screen on the wall next to the pool.

"Lets watch it out here!" He said with a big smiled. We all smiled and nodded. Luke ripped off his clothes and jumped into the pool with boxers on. Aspen started laughing and she took off her clothes to, leaving herself in her pink bra and panties. She jumped in and Luke started to chase her around the pool.

"Wanna go pick one out?" Calum said, grabbing my hand and pulling me inside. I sat on the floor in front of the low rack of movies. Calum sat next to me.

"Do you want a pee your pants scary movie, a give you nightmares scary movie, or a squeeze my hand to death scary movie?" He said as he started shuffling through the movies.

"Who says I'm gonna hold your hand?" I said, poking him in the side. He laughed and said nothing.

"I want a super scary one!"

"So all of the choices?"

"Sure why not? Im sure we're going to see some spit swapping from Grace and Ashton anyways. Do you see the way they look at each other?!" I said, looking out the window to see Ashton and Grace stripped down to their last bit of cover, holding hands and jumping into the pool were Luke was still chasing Aspen. I stopped shuffling through the movies and looked at Calum. He took out a movie and handed it to me.

"Yea." He said, getting up and heading back out to the pool. I followed, closing the door behind me.

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