Just Girls

Ryan, Aspen, and Grace are best friends. They are all 18. They love 5sos. They all work at this one 80s diner were you have to wear stupid little prissy pink waitress outfits and roller skate around. One day Aspen's washing the floors, Ryan is waiting on people, and Grace is at the register. What happens when 5sos come in and Calum slips on the wet floor and falls on Ryan? Read to find out!! These girls aren't Just Girls.


2. Big Flirt




  I came back with the shakes balanced on the tray. I sat them all down on the table in front of the boys. They all immediately started blowing bubbles. I laughed hard! They stopped and started laughing to.

"Hey, I think I lost my number, can I have yours?" Michael said as he stared at my boobs. I laughed and flung the check at him.

"Sure why not?" I said, leaning over the table and writing my number on the check. He smiled and laughed. Aspen got up and put the cleaning supplies away. Michael got up and paid the bill and cracked a joke with Grace who started laughing her butt off!

"So you guys want to come over later?" Luke said, getting up and walking over to Aspen. She smiled up at him and he smiled to.

"Sure!" Grace said as she started eyeing Ashton who was already looking at her like he was in love. I tried to hold in a laugh when I saw his face but I failed and let out a little squeak. Everyone looked at me. I just burst out laughing.

"Sorry I have no idea how that noise just came out of my mouth!" I said, clutching my stomach. They all smiled. I stopped and clamed down.

"When do you want to meet?" Grace said.

"Why don't you guys just come over with us now?" Calum said, stepping over next to me. He nudged me, I nudged him, he nudged me harder.

"Stop it!" I said laughing and nudged him harder.

"No!" he said laughing and smiling, nudging me again. This time I fell and he caught me before I hit the floor. I looked up at him in shock, he had the same expression on his face. I smiled and he did to. He lifted me back up with his arm still around my waist. Lukes eyes went from me to Calum to Calums hand on my waist to Me then back to Calum. Calum looked at me then his hand then back to me and blushed, pulling it away.

"Come on lets go!" Luke said, grabbing Aspens wristed and yanking her out the door to the car. We all followed. I sat in the far back with Calum next to me.

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