Just Girls

Ryan, Aspen, and Grace are best friends. They are all 18. They love 5sos. They all work at this one 80s diner were you have to wear stupid little prissy pink waitress outfits and roller skate around. One day Aspen's washing the floors, Ryan is waiting on people, and Grace is at the register. What happens when 5sos come in and Calum slips on the wet floor and falls on Ryan? Read to find out!! These girls aren't Just Girls.


7. Are You Scared


I am updating because an amazing person asked me to! That person is JasminX5SOSx!! I hope you guys like it!! Stay awesome!!


We were watching the movie when Calum grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. I looked at him and smiled.

"Are you scared?" I said.

"Maybe! Are you?" He said, smiling back. I nodded a little and he turned his head back to the screen and squeezed my hand. I moved my head to watch it again to and i smiled. I liked how firm his grip was and how warm his hand was. I glanced over to see Grace and Ashton slowly and gently kissing each other. Aspen had her head on Luke's shoulder and Luke had his chin on her head. I looked back at the screen again smiling at the thought that we were only 20 minutes into the movie.


Sorry for the short chapter! There is more coming very soon!! Also, if your a Mikey girl i am planning on making a sequel and it will have a girl for Mikey in it or later in this book!! Thanks for reading!! Stay amazing!!

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