Adopted by the Whenchesters

Dove was an orphan for as long as she can remember... She is 13 years old. She was the so called freak of the orphanage. But when two men came to adopted a teenage girl, but what happens when the men go "hunting" she gets scared and hides what she is on the inside.


4. the research


While dove was asleep we did some research.

Sammy went to the police station and I am in the hotel with dove sleeping doing research on the town papers on the laptop.

I found something that is shocking... Dove was a wanted for suspected murder...

I glance over at her in worried eyes.

I look back at the computer and it says the victim was killed with a katana and has a mark on him that I new very well... It's the mark of the phantom. Japanese legend says that the phantom killed his victims when he was alive with a katana and he put a mark on the victims that looked like the laugh and cry mask... And they suspected dove of that cause she owns, or owned, the katana that killed the victim and she constantly drawled the symbol. And here is something. The victim was one of the girls at a school. Witnesses said that someone met her and when the girl got the murder mad they freaked out and killed her. People said it was a young girl's voice and since dove was friends with her and had a history of mental breakdowns they suspected her. The only thing was that there was no prints. So yeah... They didn't have anything to put her in a cell but her guardian was her grandmother who died of a heart attack after this happened so dove dove was put in an orphanage when she was only three. And that's when it all happened she went through this at three years old?!? And they had the nerve to arrest our baby girl?!? That's just normal people I guess... Though we have the nerve to kill anything that kills us like vampires, shapeshifters ( that's where the werewolves thing comes from ), skin walkers, etc. Some times even pegan gods. Which I enjoy killing those. Well, used to anyways... That was a lifetime ago... Before the end of the world thing happened... Hated that.... Anyways Sammy came back and said she had a record that she would get arrested when she went shopping for the orphanage around ten years of age and she would be doing stuff like graphite on the walls, they are very good by the way, she would break into houses and steal food?!?, now I think that's kind of crazy. And lastly she would just be the town, yes the town, FREAK! Or so the people say... So they had her a couple times and man... I can't say this aloud but, I feel sorry for the kid... She about had it as bad as us growing up, with no parent around no one to talk to and being the freak... We can relate to that... I just hopes she likes what we do...


Hey guys dove here! And I just wanna say that I wanna know how you guys like the movellas. Anyways the characters like ruby, Sammy,dean, and some others in the future are not mine, and if some are then I will say at the end if the chapter I use then in to say if they are! But that will only be once. And if you want me to add a character for you then pop this in the comments:::


Race:(hunter, human, any supernatural creature like sirens vampires and all that stuff, witches and that.)





(If any) powers:

So comment down below and I will get some in here and I'll be glad to make this a mash up of some kind! As long as appropriate for younger readers!

*i love all my fans! #hugs!*

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