Adopted by the Whenchesters

Dove was an orphan for as long as she can remember... She is 13 years old. She was the so called freak of the orphanage. But when two men came to adopted a teenage girl, but what happens when the men go "hunting" she gets scared and hides what she is on the inside.


3. the hex bags...

-Sam's P.O.V.-

I woke up with dove asleep, I look over at dean awake and looking at the news. I quietly get out of bed and I make sure dove stays asleep. I walked over to dean and sat next to him. " morning dean." I said grogaly. "Morning Sammy. Sleep well?" Asked dean. "Dove was up in the middle of the night. She somehow hacked in to my computer. And then we both went back to bed." I explained. Dean looked at me then dove them me again curiously. " did you find out why she was in the basement?" I asked trying to ignore what dean was doing. "Yep, she was punished in there for throwing one of the other girls against the wall. I asked her what she looked like and she said that she had black eyes when she lost control again. And that she lost control because the orphanage "sweetheart" punched her in the gut for "cutting in line" and she lost it. Now I don't believe that "sweetheart" is much of a sweetheart but a damn cold blooded demon. I even got a name, ruby." I flenched at the name, I haven't heard the name in years and if there is a demon named ruby out there then she is going to regret coming back... I soon as dean finished talking I heard slight chanting... Me and dean stood up and grabbed our rifles and then when we turned around I saw dove floating up as stiff as a broad. My eyes gotten big and I did something that I knew was stupid... I put down my rifle and I woke up dove. When she saw what she was doing she all of a sudden went down. I caught her. She looked at me scared. I could tell she had fear in her eyes. I hugged her and I yelled, "Dean look around for hex bags!" Dean did exactly as he was told and looked around for hex bags. He didn't find any, but dove said something that I didn't expect. "Check my duffle bag... I know that one of the girls at the orphanage knows whitchcraft... " she says in a monotone voice. I look at her wide eyed again. Then I looked over at dean and nodded. Dean went to dove's duffle bag and dug around. He then found stuffed in the crease of the bag a hex bag. Dean goes outside and then burns it. Dove says when dean gets back, "thank you..." She cries a little bit and then she stops. I then ask looking at her in the eyes, " How do you know about the hex bags and whitchcraft?" She looks at me strait in the eye and says, "cause ruby was a witch... Everyone knew it that why no one messed with her... But I dot know about the black eyes thing... I don't know why I do it when I'm mad... " she cries a little on my shoulder and then she falls back asleep. I lay her back down. I look at dean and he nods his head to the door but I can hear dove mumble something... It's something I will never forget. " can you teach me how to hunt demons...?" And she falls to a deep sleep. I look at dean and mouths what she said and he looks at her shocked.

We need to look through her history... Great...

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