Adopted by the Whenchesters

Dove was an orphan for as long as she can remember... She is 13 years old. She was the so called freak of the orphanage. But when two men came to adopted a teenage girl, but what happens when the men go "hunting" she gets scared and hides what she is on the inside.


1. prologue


I woke up sweaty and breathing heavily. I look out the small window that is on the side of the room, and dawn is just about to come. I get up and I get dressed quickly. I tip-toe to the front door and I sneak out. I run to the nearby woods and I climb the trees then the sun comes up and I head back to the orphanage and I get the eggs and every thing for breakfast. I walk in and the headmistress is standing there and I don't blink I walk past her and I put the food in the kitchen. I say hi to the cooks which are my only friends and I go to join up with the rest of the kids. But out of the corner of my eye I see the orphanage bully, ruby, I shiver and I try not to pay attention. But she comes up to me and she punches me in the gut. I don't move and I say to my self, 'keep calm don't get kicked out again...' But I loose it... My eyes turn black and I pick her up. I slam her against the wall and then my eyes go back to normal and I realize what I have done. I walk over to the basement and I lock it then I shut the door behind me and I walk down into the pitch black room shamed of what I have done.

~the next morning~

I wake up to the sound of two men's voices. "We are here looking for a 13 year old girl. " and then I heard the mistress, " ah yes I have five for you to choose of." She yells upstairs, " 13 year old girls!!! Get on the best you got and then come down here quick!! " I heard shuffling above me then I walk up the stairs blindly and I pull out my custom made lock picking kit. I know I'm an orphan but I learned how to pick locks sense I was 3 years old. I pick the lock and I open the door slightly and then I look through and see the other girls, all five of them, then I saw the two men, they looked young. Then the youngest man looks at me and says, " who is the girl In The basement?" The mistress is shocked but opens the door to the basement and pulls me up and in line with the others. The man who saw me smiles and nudges the other man. Then they both say at the same time " we will take her. " they are pointing at me. The other girls are showing me hate but I don't care. HECK!! IM GETTING ADOPTED!!!!

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