Adopted by the Whenchesters

Dove was an orphan for as long as she can remember... She is 13 years old. She was the so called freak of the orphanage. But when two men came to adopted a teenage girl, but what happens when the men go "hunting" she gets scared and hides what she is on the inside.


2. moving in...some what.

-dove's P.o.v.-

I ran upstairs and packed up my toothbrush my small amount of toothpaste, my cloths which is just two pairs with... Some blood stains on them from me getting punched constantly for my freakyness. I put it in my stuff in my very small bag and then I come downstairs and the oldest man came over to me and asked, " what's your name?" I said, " um... Dove..." The both men smile and they sign the papers and I get glares from all of the other kids but the cooks smile and wave bye to me I smile and wave bye back and then we leave. We get in a beautiful car, a 1976 Chevrolet impala to be exact, the youngest man put my bag in the trunk, and I get in the back seat, while the men in the front. I ask, "what is your names?" Then the oldest man says but also driving said, " the names dean. And this here is Sam. And we are the whenchesters. And so are you now. " he says pointing to each of us as he speaks. Dean drives to a hotel and he parks and we get out. I go to the trunk and I was about to open it when dean put his hand over it. "I'll get it." He said and I let him. When he opens it and I notice that the trunk is smaller then it should be. I keep it to my self. We go to a room and dean said since there is two beds I'll share with Sam, I said "ok" and I went to the bathroom and I looked at my shoulder... My scar is glowing... It never done that before, or since that demon girl was at the orphanage before she got killed. But I didn't understand why my scar is glowing I shrug it off. And when I come out I see that the time is 9:00 in the evening and I grab my pjs and I go back to the bathroom a change I put my long hair up and I get out of the bathroom and I get in bed. The boys are out some where. But I'll be fine.

~later that evening~

I woke up to movement and I opened one eye to see Sam back slightly drunk and he clasps on the bed and falls asleep. Same for dean but a little bit more. When I know for sure the boys are asleep I get up and kiss their cheeks good night and I then look through their bags for something to get on. I then found a really nice laptop that I think is sam's I set it on the table swiftly and quietly and I turn it on and then I hack in not knowing the password and once I was in I felt a jerk inside me I look over to see sam awake. He gets up with wide eyes. He gets over to me and takes the laptop and turns it off. He looks at me in amazement. Then says, " how did you get in? " I said, " I hacked in..." I say looking down ashamed. Sam looks at me with a scary grin then he sets down his laptop and looks at me. I see joy in his eyes. I'm shocked but I hide the feeling and he just hugs me. I hug back then Sam sits down and starts humming, and rubbing my back. I am baffled but to tired to ask what he is doing so I just fall asleep. The last thing I remember is... Sam laying down and kiss my on my forehead saying, " goodnight my little darling..." And we both fall asleep.

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