How to be a Fangirl

A movella on how to write Fan-Fiction or any other story.


1. Idea of the Story

Part 1

Ideas of the Story/Fan-Fiction


What are Clichés? "A phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought."

People hate it when ideas are used, over and over again. Make an original!

i.e: The Popularity Project - Mxfia Stxr. The idea (plot) of the story is so unique and original. I love it! It's simply about Zayn having to follow through a dare to make a nerd popular. That's. What. I'm. Talking. About.

Don't over use the idea of a girls best friend dragged her to a concert, and the girl hates One Direction, then all if the sudden she gets Liam's full 10 inch. No. That idea is overrated.

What helps me getting a good idea for a book is I sometimes look up in the Collegiate Dictionary for inspiring words. Most of the time, I make random book covers (See next chapter).

Make sure you also have a the plot, climax, ect. Planned out. For 'I Only Date Blondes' it was supposed to be just one large book, but I split it into two parts (I don't know why xD).

Make sure your story contains the following:

- Problem

- Solution

- Climax, or most exciting part of the story

- Lead up to an unforgettable ending

I always love a good book that has no loose strings.

Take Pretty Little Liars for instance, first Alison's body was found, then they get texts from A, Then Spencer gets a boyfriend, Alex -- wherever he went XD, the Mrs. D (C'mon, I laughed too. Psst, Mrs. D) is A and killed bed daughter that supposedly is alive.

Okay, first of all, don't they have stuff like scans to actually know who is actually in Alison's grave!

So let's go over what we just learned, shall we?

- Have an original idea, because everyone else's is already taken! ;)

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