moving away

A girl name Lucy is moving to Australia to study art with her friend nicole and at the airport and on the plane they meet the janoskians and they become 'fiends'

I'm sorry if there is some mistakes in the story but it should make sense.


1. the letter that my mum wrote.

It was Saturday morning and it was 09:50, I had just woken up and Nicole ,she was the lazy one and I knew she wouldn't be up for about 2 hours so I went down stairs and made my self breakfast.

Once I had finished my breakfast I started packing the rest my clothes because me and Nicole were moving to Australia to study art, well Nicole wasn't but I was and Nicole was just coming along to keep me company in Australia.

It was now 10:15 and Nicole had just woke up and she started packing her things too. "Morning, there is some breakfast downstairs if you want it." I said to nicole .

"Thanks" Nicole said confusedly.

I just smiled and carried on with my packing. 

All my things were packed and I helped Nicole pack her things but she had left some of her stuff at my mums house so I drove to my mums house to get them. 

When I got to my mum's house all the stuff was on the doorstep with a note on top of the box saying 

Dear lucy,

Me and your dad have been arguing for a while now so we are taking a break and I am living with one of my old friends from  school and her house is in Manchester so i wont see you before you and Nicole move to Australia, im sorry,I love you so so much, more than anything in the world.Good luck and I love you more than anything in the world and say goodbye to Nicole for me. If you need anything, ring this number-07735363467.

The next day I rang the number and my mum picked up the phone, .......... When she picked up i asked her where the address and she told me and I said " make sure you are in, me and Nicole are coming to see you, I love you more than anything.

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