Things that tick me off

This is just a movella about things that annoy you and me. So feel free to comment and I'll add


1. Twilight dissers


 Hey! So by my chapter name I think you could tell, I hate it when people diss Twilight. Now before you change the chapter or move off my screen please hear me out, I don't care weather you like it or not, it's the way you talk about it... Like my BFF Alissa hates it (I think) and when I told her she was like "Oh that movie is not my favorite but it's cool it's yours." See people! Now let me tell you how people react when I say something. So I was in drama class the other day, when we had to talk about our favorite movies. I said mine to the people at my table, "I'm gonna talk about Twilight." And a boy said, "Will you stop talking about stupid movies from stupid books." And I was frustrated. Maybe if he said "Okay..." Or something like that I would have been fine. Then when I spoke about it to the class everyone yelled. Like eye roll. Every body is so immature.  I mean some of the people in my class hate 1D (cough, me, cough, cough. No offense 1D lovers. One of my BFF's is one) and she starts talking about how great they are. Double eye roll. No one says a thing, and I know most of the people hate them. So please, watch what you say about Twilight around me, Pepper, or you might hear from me...

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