Living by his rules

Living by his rules. It is his house, it was so nice of Liz to let me stay here. But I feel trapped. I feel like I have to do as Luke asks or he'll tell his mum everything and my dad will lose his job! Why does he have to be so damn manipulative! he's so hot but so mean, and I think I'm starting to like his friend...


30. Two Day Date with Luke: Part 1

We walked into the kitchen with our fingers tangled together. My dad and Liz had an uncomfortable look on their faces when they saw us. We both took our seats across from each other, our hands were still connected and resting on the table top. My dad was sitting beside me trying to distract himself with his paper. 

Liz came up to us with our plates,"Right, um... here's your breakfasts, and...J...I think we better go?"

"Thank god," my dad exclaimed and hurried out the kitchen. Luke and I were both confused to their abnormal behaviour.  

"Okay," Liz said as she grabbed her car keys. She stopped right at the kitchen door and tuned to us. "And you two, next time...can you please keep the noise down?"

My face instantly flushed to a bright cherry red colour, my heart pounded and a rush of heat crashed through my body. They head Luke and I having sex! Liz limitedly left. I snapped my neck towards Luke who was sitting in his chair, pissing himself laughing. I didn't find this funny at all. This was humiliating. My dad heard me! I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I wanted to cry from the embarrassment. I cringed intensely while Luke tried to figure out how to breath again. He had is head on the table, his outrageous laugh echoed off the mahogany wood. 

"Luke stop it! this isn't funny." I snatched my hand out of his and slammed it on the table. He continued to laugh, I could see a tear roll down his left cheek. "Ugh! you such a kid." I crossed my arms and huffed. 

Luke took a few shaky breaths to calm himself down. "Oh come on princess, lighten up. Where we're going tonight, you can scream out as much as you can." he winked as he brushed his hair back.

"Where are we going?" I asked, knowing that he wouldn't tell me.  

"I'm not saying, I told you, you'll have to wait and see." he laughed.

"Well, maybe I just want a quiet night tonight. I'll just sit in and watch a few movies, alone." I was really pissed off with him.

"Babe, don't be like that. You will love it, trust me."

I snarled at him and shoved a strip of bacon in my mouth. I wasn't in the mood for him at all any more. He didn't understand how embarrassed I was. My dad would never look at me the same again, his sweet innocent angel was gone. 

We finished our breakfast and Luke hurried me out the door. 

After a long bus journey we ended in the streets of a very nice beach side. The paths were lined with white bricks and there was no litter to be seen. The buildings were modern like and decorative vegetation was sectioned down the street. the beach had little sun seats dotted around the sand and the beautiful water floated in. There was very few people there so I had a perfect vision of the landscape. The beauty of the clean and well designed area had me starstruck.  

"All right blondie, spill the beans! Where are we?" I asked whilst dazing upon my dream location. 

"I can't reveal that, it's confidential. So confidential that you have to wear this." At that moment my sight was stripped from me and everything went black. Luke had blind folded me so I had no vision of where we were going.

"Hey! I was enjoying the view!" I laughed. 

"Do you trust me?" I felt his soft words whisper in my ear, with that I replied with a quick nod. Then slithered his arm round my waist and guided me along the pavement. I gripped onto his black shirt tightly as he held me in close. I became aware that there was other people in the street. "Luke I look ridiculous!" 

"shhh, it's fine, people think its cute." he said.

"If its so confidential then why aren't you wearing a blindfold?" 

He laughed a little. "Who says I'm not?" I hit him gently in the chest and giggled. "Haha, I'm aloud to know this place. Let's just say I'm a bit of a rock star."

I didn't think anything of his remark. I just nodded with agreement, not really believing his claim. 

We walked for around 5 minutes, a few corners were turned and gates were opened. I started to get really curious about where he was taking me. I had nearly fallen a few times so my trust in Luke's guidance was slowly fading. 

Eventually I sensed that we had went indoors somewhere. I could smell lavender essences and could hear soothing classical music playing quietly. 

"Okay you can see now". I felt him untie the knot behind my head and could feel the cloth loosen. Then it glided down off my eyes. At first I had to adjust to the sudden light change but when I could see my location my eyes went wide. 


A beautiful spa presented itself to me. My breath became short and my heart raced. "Oh my goodness!" that was all I could say. 

Luke cuddled me from behind and rubbed his cheek against mine, the bristles of his short stubble prickled my skin. "You have a massage in five minutes and after that you'll go for a mud bath, then after rinsing off you can chill in the sauna. After that you'll be taken to the hotel next door and be shown your room, so what do you think?" My heart pounded, I felt so privileged to be pampered in such a beautiful spa.

"Luke this is amazing, but how the hell can you afford all this?" This was obviously going to cost a fortune and as far as I knew Luke didn't have a job, and I doubt his parents would give him the mass amount of money to pay for it. 

"I make my living," he smiled cheekily. Then I felt a shroud of guilt upon me.

"Luke I can't, this is all too much!" 

"It's already been paid for, no refunds." I knew he was lying but I agreed anyway.

A young Asian woman came up to us. "Hello, you must be Anna?" I nodded with a smile. "I'm Trini, if you would just follow me and I'll take you to the massage rooms." 

I looked at Luke who gave me a nod. Then I followed Trini along a corridor thinking that Luke was right behind me. When I entered the room with one bed I noticed Luke wasn't there. 

"Oh where did Luke go?" I asked. 

"The massage sessions are private, only one patient can be in the room at a time. Now, if you would like to take your clothes off and put on the robe then the masseuse will be with you shortly." She then left and I stripped my clothes off as ordered and wrapped myself in the robe and lied on the massage bed. 

Shorty later an older Asian woman came in. She closed the door behind her and walked up to me with a smile. "Please turn over." She instructed and I turned onto my belly. She peeled my robe off of me and covered my bottom with a towel. I felt really awkward. "Relax" I took a breath and made all my muscle go limp. Then she got to work by rubbing her oily hands into my shoulders. It was a great feeling and it was as if she was rubbing out all the stress. I sighed unintentionally, but I didn't care.

It must have been an hour in that room. The woman clapped her hands twice. "Done!" She exclaimed. I didn't want to move, I was so relaxed. "I'll give you a few minutes." She said and walked out. 

Sure enough three minutes later, Trini came back in. I sat up on the bed and dangled my legs down as I put my robe back on. "How was that for you, Mrs Hemmings?" She asked.

I went red in the face and started laughing. "Oh I'm not married surname is Jameson. And it was amazing, just...amazing." I let out a small giggle. 

"My apologies and that is good to hear." She smiled. "Would you like to move on to your next relaxation session?" 

"Oh yes."

"This way." I got up and was surprised that my legs still worked." I followed her to a long double line of floor planted bathtubs. We came to one near the start that was filled to the rim with a brown substance. It looked a bit disgusting, but I didn't want to offend anyone so I prepared myself. 

Trini held up a sheet to allow me to remove my robe and get in the tub with dignity. I dipped my toe in first to get an idea of how it felt. Then I dunked myself in. Trini removed the sheet when I was fully in, all you could see was my head and neck, the rest of my body was lost somewhere in the mud. I felt two slim hands come behind me and start rubbing a moisturiser of some sort into my face. I felt so awkward and I had no idea what to do. I noticed that other people where having the same thing done but they were acting casual. So I allowed it and tried to relax again. 

Twenty minutes past and there was no sign of Luke. I called on Trini and as she came over I asked her "Where's Luke?" 

"Mr Hemmings has popped out he'll be back soon." She replied.

"Oh...okay, thank you."

I sighed and rested my head back. I hadn't seen him and it was suppose to be a date, doesn't that mean we were meant to spend time together?

After around thirty minutes of sitting in dirt I was escorted to a shower room. I ran the tap and the water came out of the shower head with a lot of force. It pounded against my skin. The mud quickly ran off and disappeared down the drain. 

I then walked out in my robe all fresh and clean. Trini guided me to a steamy room. "You can sit in here for an hour." she said and then left. 

I sat down on the wooden bench. 

'An hour? Is she kidding? What the hell am I suppose to do for an hour?'

I saw a touch screen device on the wall and saw that it controlled the music playlist. I selected a line up of some songs that I liked and sat back down. I had so many mixed emotions, I felt so relaxed and at ease but at the same time I was so angry that Luke wasn't there. I sat in the sauna and went into a little daydream about what Luke was doing at this moment. I thought about that blond girl that I caught him with. He could have been with her, or some other girl like her. I started to tear up, I needed to stop putting images in my head.

The hour past very slowly but the end eventually came. I didn't want to leave and make them think I wasn't enjoying myself, even though I wasn't, I was so socially awkward like that. 

I got dressed and a tall brown headed Australian boy called Adam guided me to the hotel next door. I didn't even look around, I just followed Adam with my head hung. All I can say is, the floor was marbled. We came to the room that I was staying in.

"Here we are." Adam said with a smile. 

"Thank you" I smiled back. 

"Listen uhh...I know your here with a guy, but I've noticed he's not been with you. I was thinking maybe a beautiful girl like you shouldn't be with such a douche." I looked at him with shock. "I mean...he's left you all day to go to some concert, he told Trini not to let you know where he was. Why you with a guy like that?"

I was gob smacked. He was at a concert? 

"I.....I..." I couldn't get any words out, I didn't even have any words to say. 

Adam reached into his pocket and pulled out a sheet of paper with some numbers on it. "When you realise that you want a man, someone who will treat you right, give me a call. I'd like to get to know you, you seem really nice. Too nice to be with a guy like that."

I took the paper from him. "Thank you." That's all I said. I quickly opened the door and went in. There was a set of pyjamas laid out on the bed for me. 

I hid the paper in my jeans before changing into the pyjamas. It was still early but all I wanted to do was sleep. I tucked myself in the bed. It was cold and half empty. I was slowly drifting off as tears hit my pillow. Soon enough, I was dreaming. 

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