Living by his rules

Living by his rules. It is his house, it was so nice of Liz to let me stay here. But I feel trapped. I feel like I have to do as Luke asks or he'll tell his mum everything and my dad will lose his job! Why does he have to be so damn manipulative! he's so hot but so mean, and I think I'm starting to like his friend...


2. Touchdown in Aussie Land


The day had came, I was going to Australia! At times I had to keep reminding myself to breath, my dream was coming true! The whole plane journey consisted of me telling my dad all the facts about Australia, at one point he fell asleep but I woke him up. He didn't seem the least bit interested in what I had to say but he loved seeing me so happy.

Then after about 2 hours of rambling on and on I stopped talking. I just sat there. My dad notice the sudden silence.

"Sweetie what's up?" He asked softly.

"What if it's not 'all that'?" I replied.

"What are you talking about?" My dad reached out some chocolate. He knows me too well.

"I don't know," I bite into the nutty chocolate. "What if it's not everything I imagined? What if I hate it there?"

"I doubt after everything that you just told me that you would hate it, it probably won't be what you expect, it's just a country it's not much different to other countries. Except of course it's culture but you already know all about that! Don't over think it just get some sleep and we'll be there in no time." He kissed me in the forehead.

I snapped out of my worry state and giggled, "hehe who can sleep? In what," I checked my phone, "five hours we will be in Sydney, Australia!" I spoke in my 'Australian accent' it sounded horrible but it made my dad laugh.


Touchdown in Sydney and I was on top of the world - well bottom geographically speaking - after all the airport 'doo daa' I was in a taxi on my way to the hotel. It was really busy there. I sat on some nice comfy sofas while my dad spoke to a lady at the reception desk. There seemed to be a problem so I went over to find out what was going on.

"Are you kidding me? I booked this place a month ago you told me it would be fine to stay for three months!" By dad yelled.

The lady at the desk looked scared, I guessed she hadn't been in that situation before, I felt a bit sorry for her, she was just doing her job. "I'm sorry sir," she said shakily. "There must have been a mix up with the booking system, but we have no room left not for another five months."

My dad demanded to see a manager but apparently he was out. I really doubt the manager of a fine hotel would be away on such a busy day. I thought he was just being cowardly.

My dad grabbed his bags and stormed out of the hotel, I picked up mine and thanked the receptionist lady, which I saw made her a bit more relaxed. I then followed my dad out the glass doors.

He brought his phone out and selected a contact that I wasn't familiar with.

"Hello Liz?...Yeah, it's J...Yep we're in Australia but there's been a mix up at the hotel and they can't fit us in there another hotel we can go to?...oh, I see...what are we suppose to do then?..." I stood there awkwardly, listening to one half of the conversation. "Oh no Liz I can't...but I wouldn't like to intrude...well that's very kind of you...okay...thank you so much...okay...see ya...bye." He hung up the phone. I looked at him with a 'so what's happening' look, he smiled half heartedly and said, "my boss has offered us to stay at her house."

"Well that's good isn't it?" I said but I could see my dad felt ridden of his pride. "What would you rather, sleep in the streets or stay with your boss?" I could see that made him feel more at ease with the situation.

We sat on a bench by the hotel pick up point. It gave me time to look around a little, take some selfies and bask in the hot sun. I contemplated whether I was going to tan or burn in the blazing sun. I figured as long as I wear a bit of sunscreen then I would still tan. Being around some of the local people made me feel like a milk bottle, dang my skin was so pale! I always figured I had nice tanned skin but compared to these people I was a snowman!

About half an hour of waiting a big black car drove up, at this moment my dad stood up. This must have been Liz. I stood up straight and stretched, letting out a little yawn. I could feel my butt had gone numb.

"Hello James" the woman said as she gave my dad a welcoming hug. She then noticed me and her face dropped. "You must be Anna!" She came up and wrapped her arms around me, it was a bit awkward but I returned the hug. She retracted and placed her palm on my cheek. "Oh my goodness James she is gorgeous! Look at you! You're beautiful! Oh I better lock my son up" she laughed.

'She has a son?'

I must say I was pretty flattered by Liz's compliments. I was rather fortunate looking. I had dark brown hair, perching blue eyes and what my friends called 'an hour glass figure'. It wasn't much of an hourglass really. I wasn't very skinny, I knew that, no matter what people told me. I did have a bit of a belly, I was okay with it though. With my huge ass and big plump boobs you couldn't really notice. You would think I was comfortable with my body, but the thought of revealing myself naked to someone made me uncomfortable. Yes, I was a virgin. I was eighteen years of age and I hadn't gotten past kissing someone, and that only happened because I was drunk! Sometimes I wondered if I had stayed a little longer, would I have still been a virgin?

My dad sat on the front seat of the car and I sat behind him. On the way to Liz's house she told us about the area. "My house is kind of in the outskirts of Sydney, and the school that we will be working is in the next town.

'That's a bit of a distance isn't it?'

I looked out the window and gazed upon the passing sites of Sydney. It was beautiful and I couldn't wait to get out and explore the city!


After about half an hour we arrived at a lovely looking two story house, it looked rather big for a maths teacher. When we entered Liz gave us a quick tour of the house then showed us our rooms.

"James you can have the first guest room top of the stairs to the right, and Anna you can have the second guest room which is down the hall, past the bathroom and to your left." She always spoke with a smile which made me feel really comfortable around her. I was very thankful for her positive attitude, I always struggled to talk to people who seemed intimidating.

I went up to my room and started unpacking my clothes into the drawers. Once again I had a smile that I couldn't wipe off.

Suddenly I heard a loud shock of music vibrate my room. It sounded like blink-182 'All the small things'. Then I heard Liz's voice, it was stern, not like she spoke to me earlier. I could just make out her saying "turn that down we have guests!" It must have been her son. Should I introduce myself? I shook my head and pushed aside the idea. I figured it would be better if Liz introduced us, that way it was certain that a conversation would flow.

Then I heard a knock on my door and Liz entered. "Would you like some supper?" I nodded and followed her down stairs.

'Okay, I think this is it, time to meet my only friend for the next three months. Why am I so nervous? Pull yourself together Anna! It's only a boy!"




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