Living by his rules

Living by his rules. It is his house, it was so nice of Liz to let me stay here. But I feel trapped. I feel like I have to do as Luke asks or he'll tell his mum everything and my dad will lose his job! Why does he have to be so damn manipulative! he's so hot but so mean, and I think I'm starting to like his friend...


15. The Other Woman

Later on, Luke and I were sat on the sofa watching the Nicholas Cage movie "Drive Angry" in 3D. He looked super cool in the black glasses, but I wanted to see his eyes. He laughed hysterically when the fat guy took a picture of the naked girl that was knocked out on the ground. His laugh was adorable.

I hadn't even been watching the movie, I had just been watching him. He was my cinema. He was drama, action, romance and comedy. My favorite movie, with my favorite star. But movies are fake, they're a fantasy that has been shared with others, nothing but an image of someone's imagination. Luke is not just an image. He's real and I knew his feelings were real. He tries to pretend that he doesn't like me but I know it's just a cover up.

Luke's phone made a noise, it snapped me out of my trance. He took a glance at the text and shoved his phone back in his pocket. I missed what it said, but it was none of my business. Probably a band thing.

About two minuets passed and then he turned to me. "I'm gonna make up a grilled sandwich, do you want one?" He asked.

"Sure" I replied. "Do you want me to pause this?"

"Oh no, no, you watch it." He smiled and walked into the kitchen.

I shrugged my shoulders an watched Nicholas's Cage kill a bunch of men whilst fucking some bar slut. It was quite a funny scene.

I was lost in the movie and had completely forgotten about Luke. I looked at the clock. It was 13:37 which means Luke had been making a sandwich for 45 minutes. I got curious and paused the movie to go into the kitchen.

I walked through the hallway and stopped at the doorframe to the kitchen. The grill hadn't been touched, there was no bread or fillers laying out. He hadn't even started on making anything. I got really confused until something caught my eye, through the window.

Luke was at the gate to his back garden. Along with some blond bimbo who was clearly sticking her chest out to make her boobs look bigger. His arm was around her waist. She was pressed up against him. Their lips were getting closer and closer. My heart ripped into pieces as they shared a kiss. Their bodies moved gently against each other. My legs felt weak and my head spun.

Liz stepped through the front door, she was in mid conversation with my dad. I turned around in shock. She silenced her words as soon as she saw me. "Anna dear, what's wrong?" I hadn't noticed that I had been crying, tears dripped down my face. She stepped forward to give me a hug but I put my hands up. "I was just watching a sad movie." I blubbered and ran up to my room.

I ran in and closed the door behind me. I pulled out my suitcase and started packing. I couldn't stay there. I grabbed my clothes from the draws and stuffed them into the case. I didn't care about anything I just had to get out. My vision was so blurry I had to keep wiping my eyes. Pictures of Luke flashed through my mind. Making the heartbreak worse. The pain that shot through my chest was unbearable.

Then I thought about my dad and his job. It caused me to cry even more. I fell to the ground and curled up against the bed. I had to stay. The tears fell onto my top and made dark spots, but they seemed like part of the floral pattern.

'Why do I keep my expectations of him. I keep saying to myself that he likes me, I keep convincing myself that he wants to be with me and love me and protect me but it's all an act. He's just interested in the sex. Nothing more, he's just a scumbag that pretends to love you back. No, I didn't love him, I thought I did but it was just a stupid crush that will never happen. He, deserves no words, he deserves no name, how could I be so stupid to fall for that guy? He's forcing me to be his sex slave, why did I agree and why do I like it so much? Everything that has happened since I got here has been wrong and it's all his fault. He's destroyed my dream of coming to Australia. He's ruined everything for me. My future plans are gone because I don't want live here anymore. I want to just stay in Britain, stay as far away from him as possible. I hate him. I hate him so much. Ow my head hurts. Oh my god I can't leave. I can't be so selfish to risk my dads job. Unless I just go and he stays. Luke wouldn't be so harsh to get rid of him when I'm out the picture. I don't think he'd even have the guts to do that to someone. Or what is he does? What is he really capable of?'

I sat on the floor in deep thought for hours. Nobody came and checked on me. I guess they thought it was best to give me space. I was thankful. Space was all I needed.


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