Living by his rules

Living by his rules. It is his house, it was so nice of Liz to let me stay here. But I feel trapped. I feel like I have to do as Luke asks or he'll tell his mum everything and my dad will lose his job! Why does he have to be so damn manipulative! he's so hot but so mean, and I think I'm starting to like his friend...


13. The Dream

I went to sleep. I didn't want to think about Luke. I slowly drifted off and before I knew it I was dreaming.

The Dream

I was sitting in a car. The windows where all black, I couldn't see out them. I looked to the drivers seat. There was a tall faceless man with brown hair that stood up in a quiff.

"Excuse me where am I?" I asked him.

He sat silently and pointed to my window.

I looked to see Luke's house. The windows were all clear now I was outside of Luke's house. The faceless man turned his head towards me as if he was looking at me. Suddenly I felt like I had to get out the car. So I did.

Before I knew it I was looking though the living room window. I saw myself and Luke dancing together very closely like we did the other night, the night I gave Luke my virginity. We began to kiss. I saw it as i remember feeling it. When I ran my fingers through his hair I felt it tingle the palm of my hand. I wanted to stop I banged on the window yelling "STOP!" I saw Luke press me up against the wall I could only see his back and my legs wrapped round him.

I smashed the window and climbed in. I ran over to Luke and pulled his shoulder to get him off the other me. But as I yanked on his shirt he disappeared. I was then stood in his bedroom with his shirt in my hand. It hung lightly from my grip. I threw it to the ground and took a few steps back. I saw myself asleep on his bed. Luke was next to me, he had just woke up. A slight panic struck across his face as he seen me lying on his bed. Then his expression turned into a smirk. A devilish smirk, and slowly his eyes looked to the me that was standing in the corner. As if he could see me. Could he see me?

He got out of bed and walked over to my corner, leaving the other me in the ruffled sheets. My heart pumped and my blood ran cold. He placed his hand on my hip and gave me a peck on the lips. Then the room span around us.

I ended up in my room lying on my bed with Luke over me. I quickly got up to free myself from his captivity. I went to leave the room but I looked back and saw myself still under him. He slipped the note into my mouth. I shut my eyes tight, I didn't want to experience that again.

I opened my eyes again and saw myself on Luke's lap in the living room. This time I wasn't in the room, I was in the tv. Trapped in a small box with a screen showing me the scene from that room. I couldn't move. I tried to break the glass but I wasn't strong enough. The walls of the box got smaller and smaller and it squeezed me in tighter.

I shut my eyes tight once again and this time when I opened them I was in a club. The music was loud and there was loads of people dancing, all very close together. I was unfamiliar with the club. I had no idea where I was or why I was there. Between the group of tightly packed people dancing a small pathway formed. At the end of the pathway I saw the faceless man.

I lost my hearing. I could no longer hear the bouncing music or laugher. It was complete silence. "Where am I?" I asked the man again. My words echoed and repeated several times. Like before, the man just pointed to his left. I followed his finger to see Luke with his mouth on another girl.

She had bleach blond hair and a skinny body. I couldn't get a good look of her face as it was pressed up against Luke's. His arms were wrapped tightly around her slim waist. His lips smacked onto hers repeatedly I stood there watching with envy. He ran his fingers up and down her body. Whilst he kissed her with such passion he kept his eyes on me. To taunt me. To show off to me. He smiled at me as the girl kissed his neck.

"LUKE!" I shouted. My words still echoing.

He brought his eyes down to the girl and cupped her face in his hand.

"LUKE!" I shouted again and began to run towards him.

He leaned in closed to her face.

As I ran toward him he drifted further from me and moved his lips closer to her.

I found myself running along a dark motorway chasing nothing at all. Just running. I couldn't remember why I was running in the first place. I stopped and closed my eyes, hoping that I would be somewhere different this time. But when I opened them again I was still on the busy road. The noisy cars racing past me the wind blowing rapidly through my hair. I looked around, but I wasn't sure what I was looking for.

A bright light shone from behind me. I slowly turned around to look at it, then I found myself facing the headlights of a truck coming towards me.

I woke up just before the truck hit me. The sweat trickled down my face and my heart pumped furiously. Luke was standing over me.

"Hey, hey!" He hushed. "It's okay it was jut a dream." My breath was so heavy. I was scared and confused. Luke climbed in the bed. He laid next to me and I rested my head on his bare chest. "It's okay" he repeated. Luke ran his fingers through my hair. It was relaxing. After a while I felt safe again. It wasn't long till I fell asleep in his arms.


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