Living by his rules

Living by his rules. It is his house, it was so nice of Liz to let me stay here. But I feel trapped. I feel like I have to do as Luke asks or he'll tell his mum everything and my dad will lose his job! Why does he have to be so damn manipulative! he's so hot but so mean, and I think I'm starting to like his friend...


29. Morning Sex

I woke up with a familiar pounding in my head. I was in Luke's room, like I was last time I got drunk. Except this time Luke was lying right beside me. His lips were formed with a slight smile and my with my hand rested on his strong chest, I felt it rise up and down and his heart beat into my palm. My head was nuzzled into the groove of his neck. His arm was clenching onto my side and holding me in close to him. His warm body heat radiated in to me. Despite feeling horribly hungover, I felt really horny from being so close to him. His refusal to take advantage of me the previous night only made me want him more. Now I was craving him. Every, single, inch.

I smoothed my hand down his bare chest, my fingers ran over stiff stomach until I reached the waistband of his boxers. I slipped my hand under until I came in contact with his morning boner. At first touch I felt Luke flinch a little. I wrapped my hand round and slowly moved it along his hard length, I reached the top and rubbed my thumb over the foreskin, then ran my hand back down. I heard Luke groan softly but he was still asleep. I repeated my previous action and heard a few more noises escape his sweet lips. I rolled over on top of him and began to munch on his neck. I pressed my body against his and squeezed his biceps. He slowly opened his bright blue eyes and I smashed my lips against his. At first it was a shock to him, but then he eagerly returned the kiss and began to run his fingers through my hair. 

"Good morning," he mumbled and I felt him smile. I tugged onto his hair as our kiss became hungrier. I needed him. Right then, I'd done enough waiting. 

I braced up and looked right at him. "Where's the rubbers?" I asked. 

"You're so eager, don't you wanna wait till later?" 

"NO!" I smashed our lips together again. Luke stretched his arm towards his bedside table and rummaged around in the draw without separating from me. He pulled his arm back with a Durex packet in his hand. I snatched it from him and ripped it open. I shuffled back slightly and pinched the top of the condom as I placed it on the head of his cock, then in one swift movement I rolled it down so it covered all six inches. Luke had a surprised expression on his face from my determination to get on with it. I hovered over him and then lowered myself onto his dick. I sighed with pleasure as I finally had Luke inside me. I bounced up and down and our breaths became heavier than before.

"Oh my god!" Luke groaned through gritted teeth and he started to grunt. 

"Come on baby, hold on." I whined. "Hold on for me, you can do it." I tried to give him words of encouragement to keep him going but he had so much frustration in his face as he tried his hardest not to cum so soon. He clenched each of my bum cheeks really tightly, the pain made the pleasure inside build up faster. "Oh yes, like that!" I huffed. Then I felt a strong slap to the left cheek, the stinging sensation drove me to my edge. "OH YES!" I cried. "Do it again, come on." Then another slap in the same spot. I was so close to reaching my climax.

"I can't do it much longer." Luke groaned.

"Yes you can, keep going." 

He shook is head. "I'm gonna cum!" I bounced faster trying to get as much out of him as I could. I could feel his warm seaman filling up inside me. I knew I had to stop but I really didn't want to. As soon as Luke had finished he quickly rolled me over so he was on top and started thrusting his fingers into me furiously. I cried out with pleasure, despite his current lack of energy he put all his strength into making me feel good. Then I felt it, that moment when all the muscles in my body relax and a tingle runs through every vein. I reached my climax and felt myself begin to spasm. I arched my back and rolled my head into the pillow and allowed my juices to flow out. "There we go." Luke slowed down his fingers until I was completely finished. Then looked me in the eye and licked his fingers. I was breathless and my legs felt weak and wobbly. Luke gripped onto my thighs and licked around my wet pussy, cleaning up the mess he caused me to make. I laid there feeling completely satisfied as my head spun like a round-a-bout. When Luke finished he laid down facing me and rested his head on his hand. "What's gotten into you today?" he smirked. 

I laughed breathlessly. "So far, you!" I joked. He giggled and ran his hand gently along my thigh. 

"Babe, I'm sorry I couldn't go for long as you wanted, I tried." He seemed ridden of his pride.

I sat up and kissed his lips then glared deep into his big blues. "You made me feel amazing, you always give me more than what I expect." That seemed to lift his spirits more, and it was no lie. Every time has felt better than the last. "So will you tell me what we are doing today?" I asked. 

Luke just gave me a cheeky smile. "Nope." he said in a high pitch. "Come on princess, lets go get some breakfast." He pulled me up off the bed and started getting dressed. All my clothes where in my room and I wasn't risking a naked run across the hall. 

"Luke can you go pick out some clothes for me please?" he looked at me confused. 

"Oh don't worry babe, you look great like that."

"I'm naked..."

"Exactly!" he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him. I laughed as he spun my naked body around and danced with me around his bedroom. 

"Come on Fluke! I need some clothes." I pleaded. He finally agreed and went into my room. I sat on his bed and wrapped some covers around me as I was getting cold from the loss of his body heat. He came back with a black underwear set, black short shorts and a red crop top. "Luke I can't wear this, It's too relieving."

"Oh come on, you'll look super sexy." He just loved to stare at me.

"Okay fine, I'll wear this. But don't get jealous when other boys look at me." Luke suddenly dropped his smile. He looked at me with wide eyes then quickly rushed back out the room with my clothes. I laughed as he exited. 

When he came back he had blue jeans, a white vest top, and a baby blue jumper. However he kept the dark underwear. Usually I would wear white under these bright clothes so that they wouldn't show, but Luke was clearly determined that I wore the black. I began to get dressed, Luke watched me the whole time. "You know even with all those clothes on, guys are still gonna stare at you." He said as I pulled my jeans up over my bum. I turned and looked at him. "You're so beautiful, no matter what I do I'll always have competition."

I tutted and walked over to him. I sat on his lap with each of my legs on either side of him. I still hadn't put my top on yet so I just had my unbuttoned jeans and a bra. Luke ran his hands up the curve of my waist and back down to the roundness of my bum. "Trust me honey, there's no competition with you in my life." I couldn't help but feel that Luke was becoming insecure about himself. He seemed so afraid that I'll leave him.

I finished getting ready and we both headed downstairs. I held onto Luke's hand, never daring to let go.

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