Living by his rules

Living by his rules. It is his house, it was so nice of Liz to let me stay here. But I feel trapped. I feel like I have to do as Luke asks or he'll tell his mum everything and my dad will lose his job! Why does he have to be so damn manipulative! he's so hot but so mean, and I think I'm starting to like his friend...


21. Day Date

It got to about 3pm and I had finally finished my list of places to visit. I had so much fun and I was already practically best friends with Ashton. I can speak so freely to him and not be afraid incase he judges me. He never does. We have loads in common and like all the same things. Is this my dream guy?

"Well that's it" I said. "The list is finished. The tour is officially over."

Ashton pouted then grabbed onto my hips and pulled me in tight so my body was squeezed against his. "I don't wanna go home yet" he grumbled into my neck. I giggled as his lips tickled my skin. "Come on stay out with me!" He pleaded.

"Okay, okay" I laughed as he came face to face with me. He stared deep into my eyes. "What do you wanna do?" He asked. I bit deep into my lower lip.

'Should I kiss him?'

He brushed away a strand of my hair that was in my face and tucked it behind my ear. Then he ran the back of his finger down my arm which sent shivers through my veins. He stopped at my hand and intertwined our fingers together. My nerves hit me and I looked down shyly.

"Come on" Ashton said backing up and pulling me along. "Let's go to the skate park. I nodded in agreement and followed him with our hands still held together.

We arrived at a classic, graffitied concrete park that had loads of ramps and slopes at different heights. There were loads of boys on skate boards and roller blades gliding along the ground at high speeds. A young boy with a BMX rode up the 'U' ramp and done a 360 flip in the air. It was really impressive.

We sat there for few hours watching kids who think they're Tony Hawk show off their skills. It got darker as grey clouds began to roll over the skies above us. It wasn't long till I felt the small cold drops on my bare legs. I cuddled into Ashton for a bit of warmth.

"We better go, it's starting to rain." He said. "Wanna come over to mine?"

"Sure." I replied and we quickly left to catch the next bus.

We got to his place at around 6:30. My white top and cardie had both gone see through. My hair was dripping wet. I looked like such a mess whereas Ash stood beside me looking extremely sexy with his wet curly hair. His shirt had also gone see through, and you could see a pack showing through the thin fabric. I glanced cautiously, so that I didn't get caught looking him.

As soon as I entered the house I was greeted by a young boy who looked about 10 years old. "Ohh Who is this?" He asked while checking me out.

"This is Anna" he said placing his hand on my lower back. "This is my little brother, Harry" he told me.

"Hi" I said smiling politely.

"Listen, if you need anything, anything at all. You be sure to call me, I'll fix you up." Harry said cheekily and bounced his eyebrows up and down. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Oi keep you hands off, she's mine." Ashton joked and directed me up the stairs.

"Your brothers so sweet" I told him as I reached the top step.

"Ha! Wait until you see him in the morning. That 'sweet' little boy is awfully grumpy." He pointed at a door nearby. "Right so this is the bathroom, and here is my room. Lady's first." He smiled and I entered the room.

The room was small but he had a single bed so that made more space. He had a set of draws and a wardrobe by his bed. A large drum kit sat near the window. "Wow nice" I said as I ran my finger around the rim of a drum.

"These are actually my shitty ones. My favorite set is in the garage, but they are for professionals only." He said as he peeled his wet shirt off his body. My eyes wandered up and down his torso. His rock hard abs stood out clearly. He grabbed a shirt for his draw and slipped it on. Then he looked at me and handed another one to me. I accepted it and pulls it over me. It was two sizes too big but it warmed me up. I rummaged through my bag for a bauble and put my wet hair up in a tight bun. I looked a riot but I didn't care.

"Give me a lesson." I ordered, as I handed him a set if drumsticks.

He accepted them and took his seat in the round chair. Then he started banging in the drums in rhythmic beat. He was amazing on the drums! My eyes lit up to his hands moving so quickly and naturally. Then he stopped playing and tapped his knee signaling me to sit. I did as ordered and he slipped the drumsticks in my hands. He then took a hold of my hands, so I was under his control. He rested his head on my shoulder.

"Put your foot on the pedal," he whispered in my ear. I did and he started moving my hands so they were hitting the sticks off the drums. I pressed my foot down on the pedal which banged the bass drum. Soon I was playing the drums properly, well...through Ashton anyway. It felt so good with Ashton's arms wrapped around me.

As we played on some more, he slowly let go of my hands and I was drumming away myself. His head stayed on my shoulder but his hands ran up and down my body which gave me the chills. My drumming slowed down to a halt. I turned to look at Ashton who was already staring at me. His stare focused on my lips. I switched mine back and forth between his pink lips and big beautiful brown eyes. I felt his hand rest on my inner thigh. His warm hand brushed lightly against my bare skin. He leaned in closer to me at a very slow pace. It seemed like it took forever to for him to finally reach my lips. He kissed me softly. His hand moved further up my leg.

As he reached the top of my leg, he was about to slip his hand up through my shorts when our intimate moment was rudely interrupted by the ringtone of my phone. We stopped in the midst of our actions, but we hovered for a few seconds, letting my phone ring on. But it just kept ringing. I turned away and reached into my back pocket as I stood up. As I brought out my phone I saw Luke's caller ID. I turned to Ashton, "it's Luke" I told him. He nodded and got up to leave the room to give me my privacy.

"Hello?" I said after I pressed answer.

"Anna, where are you? It's nearly half 7, when are you coming home?" He seemed really worried.

"I'll be home soon Luke," I reassured him.

"Please come home now, I really need to talk to you and it's dangerous in Sydney, especially when you don't know your way around, you could get lost. Look I promise I'll take you out to finish your tour tomorrow." I thought it was really sweet that he was worrying about me. I wanted to keep him like that, but I decided to do as he asked.

"Okay fine I'll head home now."

"Thank you, I'll see you soon."

"See ya," I said and hung up.

I called Ashton back in the room. "Ash I have to go home," I said disappointedly. He seemed let down as well. I looked down and remembered I was still wearing his shirt, I went to take of off.

"Keep it," he said. "Do you want me to walk you home?"

I laughed. "I kinda need you to, haha."

"Oh yeah."

It took is around 20 minutes to get to Luke's street. Ashton stopped at the lamppost that we met at earlier that day. "I better leave you here, just in case Luke is still pissed." I thought it was suspicious that he didn't want Luke to find out about us either.

"Oh, okay I'll see you soon." I hugged him tightly and he finished off the goodbye with a kiss and then we parted. Ashton walked off the way we came. I turned and started walking towards Luke's house.

My heart skipped a beat a I saw Luke standing outside his garden gate. He had just seen everything. I started to panic. I approached him nervously, but prepared for whatever he had to say. His face was full of rage. He glared down at me with a clenched jaw. He didn't say anything he just stood aside signaling me to go in. I walked up to the door and entered the house. Luke entered after me and shut the door behind him. "Luke I..." He showed me the hand and ran up to his room. I stood there until I heard him slam his door.

I felt so guilty. I had really hurt him.

That night Luke didn't join us for dinner. I didn't eat much, I just told Liz I had a big lunch, even though I didn't have any lunch that day. I felt like a criminal. I had possibly destroyed a friendship and a band.

After dinner I sat in my room and practised what I was going to say to Luke. I wanted to resolve this issue. I was determined to get things back to the way they were before.

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