Every Little Thing

Aaron has been in love with Heather June since eighth grade. She perfect in his eyes. Every little thing she does. The only fault: she popular he's a nerd. Heather is nothing but happy. Wouldn't you be. After all you are practically royalty. Always with her herd of pretty girls and hot guys and...little sister. She has everything she wants; except for Cameron Dallas. Cameron is not who everybody thinks he is. At school he's a hot popular jock hanging with the cool friends but behind closed doors he's the adorable geek no one really sees. Only his best friend since the was 5 knows. He trusts Aniya June with his life... And his heart. Aniya is a nobody. Always in her sister's shadow. Hidden in the pack of hyenas. No one notices her but that doesn't really bug her. She just wants one persons attention: the cute nerd, Aaron Carpenter


1. Risks.

(3rd person POV)

Today was the day. Today was the day that Aaron Carpenter confessed his love for Heather June. The prettiest, most popular girl is Monroe High and pretty much every other high school. Shawn, Hayes, Carter, and Taylor were all sick of hearing "Heather this," and "Heather that." "Just go tell her or ask her out," someone would say to Aaron at least  twice a day. Aaron has barely said two words to her since eighth grade, but someone so perfect would give him a chance right. Ehhhhhhh no. He made his way up the corridor walking straight towards her. She was walking straight towards him but was to busy in conversation... With the scavengers. Everyone called her lady followers this because they picked at whatever she killed and left behind. 

Everyone in her little herd was mean and heartless. Well the ones he knew of anyways. Aaron's looks back at his friends, who were peaking at the events from the safety of the corner. Carter gives his a thumbs up and he knows it go time. "Um Heather," he says nervously tapping her shoulder. She turns to him, her smile quickly forming into a frown. "How may I help you," Heather says repeat her sassy. Her 'pack' starts to gather around to see who is talking to their queen.

"H-hi I'm Aaron as you might know a-and I've like you for q-quite a while so I was wondering if maybe you would, you don't have to but if you want to we can go on a date or something," he mutters nervously. His palms were sweating so much you could practically see the sweat dripping off. Aaron gave her the most hopeful, charming smile he could muster.

The last thing he expected was to be laughed at.

Heather's day couldn't get any better. Free coffee, new shoes, pre-finished homework, hot guy to have fun with. Nothing could ruin it. Except maybe her little sister. Everyone sadly knew they were related because of the last name and because she's Cam's "best friend". Free period was full of laughter and mockery. 

Heather and her girls most making fun of the small finger of her sister pressed up to Cameron's side. She still doesn't see what he sees in her. She's about to go on about her insults when a tap on the shoulder cuts her short. Heather would suspect a hot jock trying to make a move on her or a wannabe lower class men. Instead it was a nerd. Same age as her she would guess and decently attractive but nothing to offer her... For now. 

So entranced in her thoughts she barely her him rabble on about liking her. Heather couldn't help but laugh at his pathetic attempt. It was hard for the hottest boys to even make eye contact with her but a nerd going on a date of her was far beyond impossible. "I'm sorry nerd but could you just leave and go back to you're geek squad. I don't have time for... You," she says waving him off. 

Aaron's face falls instantly once her words hit his ears. She hated him. Thought he was a loser. 

"Hey babe, is this dork giving you any trouble?" Jack Gilinsky says striding down the hallway in a few steps. He wraps an arm around Heather's waist instantly. The people who had gathered to see the event saw Aaron's face pale. Being rejected was enough but now having to deal with one the biggest guys at school was his worst nightmare. 

"I was talking to you punk," jack growls, violently gripping Aaron's shirt and pushing him up against the lockers. Aaron couldn't say anything. He was to fear stricken. "Bro leave the poor kid alone. It's a innocent crush. No harm no foul," Taylor tells Gilinsky peeling him away from Aaron.

He owned Taylor majorly. The bell rings signaling the end of free period. Everyone starts to drift the separate ways, with only a few remaining. "Watch yourself kid," Gilinsky warned. "Caniff can't always protect you." He turns to walk away with Heather attached to his hip. Taylor gives Aaron a stern look and a head shake before heading towards his class. 

Aaron bangs his head and looks around. The hyena pack was long gone. The only people left in the hall was him, a boy and a girl and shawn at the end waiting for him. He was about to head towards Shawn but he saw the girl's tear stricken face. 

They made eye contact and held it for a few good seconds. Abruptly she begins walking towards him, with the boy chasing/getting dragged behind her. She passes by him wiping her face as she goes. Not even glancing at him. As she turned the corner he caught her quick glance. 

The girl and boy both looked familiar but Aaron couldn't utter his finger on it. The late bell rings snapping him out of his thoughts. 

He'll think about it after he figures out a away to not fail AP History.  

(A/N) YAY NEW BOOK TIME!!!! i know I know I don't even update the ones I already have but I just have to write this one. I have great inspiration. In case you haven't noticed its a Magcon fanfic. And please give me some feedback.

Goal: 1 like & 1 comment for next chapter :)

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