ll Love Song ll

Annabeth diaz a normal girl of 19 years will be faced with a very difficult choice. Will she give up her big dream for a boy?


2. * The Meeting *

Xx:“Oh my God ! I’m so sorry”

Annie: “That’s Ok “

Xxx : “Your clothes are ruined. C’mon I’ll buy you a new shirt”

Annie: “That’s ok , I don’t need it I really have to go I’m really late “ – I start running

I went out of there and run of to my car, but before I could do that I heard someone screaming

Xxx: “ By the way , I’m Luke “

I smile and went to the studio. When I get there my best friend who i salso my manager was waiting for me with a really mad face like she was about to scream with me

Emma: “ Annie , what the hell happened ? You’re late, and you’re ugly!

Annie : “ Thanks Emma ! It was the best compliment that I had in my whole life, you’re amazing”

Emma:” C’mon, let’s go. After the show you tell what happened” .

Annie: “ Why do you always suppose that something happened ?”

Emma: “ Because I know you. Let’s do it Annie !”

I went to the dressing room get change, put some makeup and I was ready for my interview.

Mark: “ We’re back! And now, I have here with me Annabeth Diaz the new favorite artista of the moment. So Annabeth how’s your álbum going ?”

Annie : “ This álbum is going great, it’s getting slowly but it will be on sale next week”

Mark : “ Aren’t you nervous for this being your first álbum ?”

Annie : “ Of course I’m nervous, we’re always afraid of what will be the reaction of the public but I’m confidente about my work”

Mark: “ I’m sure that it will be amazing! So Annabeth and what about the boys ?”

Annie :” There’s nobody in my life, right now I’m concentrated on my work “

Mark : “ And if you find someone ? “

Annie: “ I really don’t know “

Mark : “ Well boys you heard that , Annabeth is single. It was very nice talking with you and I relly hope that you have a lot of sucsess with your álbum

Annie : “ Thank you so much “

Mark : “ But before we go , we have some news for you Annabeth”

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