ll Love Song ll

Annabeth diaz a normal girl of 19 years will be faced with a very difficult choice. Will she give up her big dream for a boy?


1. * The begining *


Right now it’s 1 a.m , and I’m not still at home I stay rehearse a new song that I wrote for my new álbum.

When I get home I could lay down in my bed and eat something but before I could do it my phone rings

#Call on #

“Hey Mum “

“Hey babe , how are you ?”

“I’m tired! I just got home I was about to go sleep “

“What time is there ? “

“ It’s 1a.m”

“ Annabeth Michelle Diaz , what the hell are you doing to get home at this time ? “

“Relax Mum . I was rehearse my new song that I’m going to presente in the show tommorow “

“That’s right ! I almost forgot about that, I’m so sorry honey but I’m not going to be abble to see the show”

“ That’s ok mum. I have to go now, see you “

“Love you babe “

#call off#

I bet that my name Michelle Diaz mean something to you, that’s right I’m Cameron Diaz daughter, I’m Annabeth Diaz I’m 19 and I’m a singer. Right now I’m living in Australia yes I know that it’s to far away from USA but me and my mum talk everyday.

Neither my life or my mum’s life are simple because both of us have a loto f work and it’s not easy for us to be always together but we can handle that

#Nem day

It’s 10a.m , I get up have a nice shower and put some comfortable clothes. The show only starts at 12p.m so I decided to have breakfast at Starbucks.

When I got there I order a coffe and a toast , then I sit there Reading my favorite magazine “ Happy “. When I look at the clook it was already 11a.m , I get up in a hurry and crash into someone who spilled his coffe all over me !

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