ll Love Song ll

Annabeth diaz a normal girl of 19 years will be faced with a very difficult choice. Will she give up her big dream for a boy?


3. * Some News *



Annie : “ Some news? About what ?”


Mark: “ yes, a really nice news. So Annabeth your nominated for the breakout artista in the Teen Choice awards”


I can’t belive that I’m nominated for an award, when I was little I always rehearsed my speech with my mum. I really can’t belive.


Mark: “ Well and we’re done for today . I think Annabeth is not listenning to us, so see you on next week” “


With all of my thoughts I forgot that the show was finish, I stoped thinking to myself with someone speaking to me


Xxx:  "Annie ? “


Annie : “ Yes ? I’m sorry Emma”


Emma :” well you seem to be very excited with your nomination”


Annie :” God Emma! You know me , sometimes I don’t react well with big news”


Emma:” I know that. Let’s go home babe “


We get in the ca rand I was start thinking again on my nomination but Emma interrupted


Emma: “ C’mon tell me, what happened this morning ? “


Annie : “ God Emma you’re really boring! I just distracted reading a magazine and then I went into a guy”


Emma: “ And that guy have name ? “


Annie: “ Yes . It’s Luke”


Emma : “ Annabeth and Luke , yeah it’s a match “


Annie : “ Shut up you stupid”


Emma : “ I only want the best for my best friend

# 3 months later This last months have been incredible. I got a lot of fans and some positive comments with my new álbum.

Tonight is the big night , the night of the Teen Choice award I’m really nervous with all of this, I don’t know what I’m going to wear, where I’m going to seat , what I’m going to say if I win , I really don’t know nothing.

Emma : “ I just find out who is going to present the award that you’re nominated "

Annie : “ Who ? “

Emma : “ Janoskians! I don’t know who they are , go check on youtube”

While Emma went to the bathroom I grab my computer and write the name “ Janoskians” on the youtube and I open the first vídeo that appear “ Real Girl Eat Cake “ , oh my god this guys are so funny . I look with more attention and I saw …..

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