ll Love Song ll

Annabeth diaz a normal girl of 19 years will be faced with a very difficult choice. Will she give up her big dream for a boy?


4. *OMG IT'S HIM *


Annie : “ It can’t be ! OMG it’s him !

Emma : “ what’s wrong ?”

Annie : “ Come here, NOW “

Emma : “ What do you want ? “

I just pointed to luke

Emma : “ Do you know him ?”

Annie : “ It’s him Emma !”

Emma : “ Who ? “

Annie : “ Luke Emma , It’s Luke”

Emma : “ This night will be very interesting “

Annie : “ Don’t know why you’re saying that . He want recognizes me”

Emma : “ Stop being so negative! If you continue pushing pople away you’re gonna be alone”

Annie : “ You’re so boring ! I’m gonna change for tonight “

Emma : “ Hurry up then “

While I was in the shower I was thinking about what Emma said , yes is true that I push people away I don’t let them know me and that’s why I don’t have many friends I only have my mum , my stepfather Benji , my best friend and manager , my grandparents and that’s it , they’re my family.

I put on my long white dress, stretched my hair put some makeup and I was ready for the Teen Choice Award.

When I walk down stairs Emma was already waiting for me , she was very simple she was with a really nice and simple black dress.

Emma : “ For the first time you’re amazing”

Annie : “ Thank you so much”

Emma : “ C’mon the car is waiting for us “

When we both get in the car I couldn’t stop being so nervous , what if I mess up ? What if I fall? What if I say bullshit?

Emma : “ Don’t worry Annie ! Everything is going to be fine ! You’re gonna be fine babe How does she do that ?

Ok , she is the best person in the world .

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