ll Love Song ll

Annabeth diaz a normal girl of 19 years will be faced with a very difficult choice. Will she give up her big dream for a boy?


6. * Ok , I'll meet you there *



When I get to the stage the only thing that happned between me and Luke was just a eye contact but it was a sweet one, I think that was sweet , I don’t know what was that but I feel strange.


All of the boys congradulated me and gave me a kiss , when was Luke’s time we both didn’t know what to do so we just stay there until Luke come over to me and hugged me and gave me the congratuations.


Annie :” Well I wasn’t expected that it’s my first year and I already win a award. Well I wanted to thank to my mum for all she did to me and the support that she always gave me , I wanna thank to Benji Madden , my mum’s boyfriend , I know that you’re not my real father but you’ve been rally importante in my life so thank you Dad . I also wanna thank to my best friend for all she have done for me and of course I want to thank to my incredible fans because without them I wouldn’t be here so thank you a lot guys I love you ! This award is yours thank you so much !”


While I went on my way to the backstage someone grabbed my arm


Xxx:” Hey (:”


Annie : “ Hey Luke (:”


Luke :” I didn’t know that you were in the world of music (:”


Annie : “I also didn’t know that you have a band (:”


Luke : “ It’s a small worl Annabeth! I finally know your name !


Annie : “ Sorry , on the other day I was really late for na interview”


Luke : “ That’s ok , but at least let me buy you a coffe”


Annie : “ Don’t need that, that’s ok”


Luke : “ I insist . Tomorrow at 10 a.m in Starbucks ok ? “


Annie : “ ok , I’ll meet you there “


Luke : “ See ya later “


Annie : “ Bye Luke “


I said goodbye to Luke and went over to Emma who was waiting for me to go to my mum’s house because my award was the last


Emma :” Why do you took so long ?”


Annie : “ I was talking with Luke “


Emma : “ What happened ? Do you flirt with him ?


Annie : “ Shut up you fucking stupid ! He wanted to buy me a coffe and talk with me !”


Emma : “ When ? “


Annie : “ Tomorrow “


Emma : “ Nice one Annabeth “


Annie : “ shut up ! Let’s go home “


While we were going on our way to my mums house my phone rings


# message on #

Benji ( daddy )

I’m verry proud of you princess, I really love your speech ! I’m always here for you

Love you little baby <3


How I love my mum’s boyfriend, he always helped me and I wasn’t always nice to him

When we finally arrived to my mum’s house I could finally get some rest for my “ date “ with Luke .

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