ll Love Song ll

Annabeth diaz a normal girl of 19 years will be faced with a very difficult choice. Will she give up her big dream for a boy?


5. * Annabeth, you win *


When we get there Emma took me to talk with Giuliana of the E chnnel

Giuliana : “ So Annabeth, are you excited with your nomination ? “

Annie : “ I’m very excited , I really have to thank to my fans because without them I wouldn’t be here.So thank You ! “

Giuliana : “ Well , have you talked with someone ? “

Annie : “ Not yet , I didn’t get a chance to do that “

Giuliana : “ So go and have some fun !

Annie : “ Thank you so much “

On my way to the arena I find a loto f my idols I find One Direction , Jason Derulo , Rihanna, Nicki Minaj …. On my inside all I wanted to do was run to them and tell them how much I love them and how much they helped me but Emma grabbed me because she already knew what I really wanted to do.

When I get to my seat I saw that someone was already sitting in the chair next to mine , it was Ariana Grande.

Ariana : “ Hey, you’re Annabeth Diaz right ?”

Annie : “ Yes I am “

Ariana : “ Just so you know I’m a big fan of yours . I really love your job “

Annie : “ Oh , thank you so much . I’m also a big fan of your work “

Ariana : “ We should do something together , I bet that woud be amazing”

Annie : “ I’ll love that “

Ariana : “ I promise ! hahahah let’s take a picture so I can put on my instagram and twitter “

We took the pictur and after a few seconds I received a notification from twitter


Today I met na incredible person

big fan <3

I smilled to her and retweeted the picture

The show had already begun , many awards have already been delivered but all I wanted was the Breakout artista award . In the meantime I heard

Xxx : “ And here to presente the breakout artista award give it up for The Janoskians “

I can’t believe it , the moment that I been waiting for so long

Beau : “ Well , this year was really important for all the artista “

James : “ for the artist with more experience and for the youngest artista , who gave their first steps in the world of music “

Daniel : “the nominees of this award not only stood out “

Jai : “ but they also shown that they want to continue in the world of music for many years “

Luke : “ And the nominees are : The Vamps , Austin Mahone , 5 Seconds of Summer , Annabeth Diaz and Selena Gomez “

I can’t belive , I’m about to know if I’ll win my first award I’m really nervous . Will I win ? I really don’t know .

Luke : “ And the winner is Annabeth Diaz . C’mon up Annabeth "

I stoped in the time , it can’t be really me !

Ariana : “ Annabeth you win ! Go babe “

I get upo f my chair , hugded Ariana and Emma and went toward to the stage. On my way there all I could think was in the meeting with Luke. Will he recognizes me ? Will he talk to me ?

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