A Monster's maid

I was walking down the hall, looking at the pictures. "My lady, are You alright?" my maid asks me. My short brown hair fell into my eyes, as my midnight blue eyes gets all dark. "Yes Hannah, i'm fine. Thank you.." of course i was lying, i can never be okay with that Monster inside me.


1. Chapter one: The Beginning (Part 1)

Hannah's POV:
"My Lady, it's time to wake up." I said as i'm watching her sleeping, beautiful, eyes opens slowly.
"Hannah..give me five more minuts.." She said, still half-asleep. I smile as i'm stroking her cheek.
"But My Lady, we got a letter from the Queen." I said and smiles. Her eyes opens full and she turns her face close to mine. "A letter?" She asked. "Yes My Lady, a letter." I said. "Fine then.."
She said and gets up from the bed. She turns her head and looks at me. "What would You like

have this morning, My Lady?" I ask her. "Nothing special, just some Lady Gray tea and some biscuits." She said and i nods. "As You wish, My Lady." I said and walk out of her room,

to then return with some tea and biscuits. I gave her the Lady Gray tea and she takes sip. A happy; "Ahh~" Escapes from her lips. I smile and takes the cup of hot tea, and places it on the night table. As i'm beginning to dress her in her beautiful, black, medium dress, she let's a sigh

out of her mouth. How adorable~

(Sorry it's short, gonna continue part 2 soon! I promise! ^^)


- Miss TeaShy~ <3

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