Secrets of the Unknown

Bella Parker lives in the small town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. It a town full of mystery, to kids being stolen from there beds, and murders on every corner. Bella must find out who has been doing these things and why. What she doesn't know is that it goes a bit deeper then she thought.


2. Chapter Two

My face goes pale.

"W-what?" I ask, shocked.

"A little girl was found lying dead in her bedroom, her throat slit open." My mother replies, her expression grim. I sit down, and Kat comes down the stairs.

"You told her?" She asks. Kat, being 17, always knows things before Mom tells us.

"Yes." She says. "Poor thing." Just then my little brother Alex runs down.

"Woah there little dude wait for us!" Kat says, laughing. Her and Mom then share a look. Mom shakes her head. I look between the two, and then decide against asking them about it. I smile and grab some bacon from Alex.

"Hey!" He shouts, frustrated.

"Hay is for horses!" I shout back. He giggles. I crack a smile and start to eat.

At school later that day, I was in the cafeteria eating my lunch with some of my best friends, Kylie, Brianna and Marcia. Kylie is a pretty brunette with a cheery face and a curvy figure, with beautiful blue eyes. Brianna, on the other hand, is a red head with big red curls covering her face, which is very delicate, much like her figure, and bright green eyes. Finally, Marcia is a pretty girl with a curvy but delicate figure, pretty dark brown curls, and a freckled face with green eyes. I, am the ugly one of the group, though my girlfriends say otherwise. I have blonde straight hair with colored streaks in them that change about every month, a strong but slim figure, and for some reason, which I don't completely understand, piecing silver eyes, that seem to change color whenever I move. They are never one color for long. It's strange, really.

"OMG! Leo is soooo looking at you!" Kylie giggles. I blush. Leo is my crush, and I think he likes me back.

"Shut up Kylie." I say.

"What? Everyone knows you like him!" Brianna says. I look over at Leo, as sure enough, he was looking at me. He blushes and waves hi then turns away as his friends all pat him on the back, laughing.

"They are soooooo my OTP!" Marcia says, giggling. They all laugh an squeal in delight. I blush deeper.

"Hey!" They laugh harder and I join in.

"We also know that I have no chance with him." I say rolling my eyes.

"Your right, you don't!" Says someone from behind me. I turn to see Stephanie, the most popular girl at school standing next to me.

"What do you want Stephanie?" Kylie questions coldly. Stephanie let's out a sickening giggle.

"To tell you to stay away from my boyfriend." She says smiling coldly.

"Um, you guys broke up like, weeks ago!" Brianna says, her face red. Stephanie rolls her eyes in disgust.

"No we didn't! We just needed a break!" She growls. I raise an eyebrow.

"You should go now." I say to her.

"What did you just say to me?" She asks, angry.

"I told you to leave. Now." I growl. All of the sudden the caps on all the water bottles at the table explode off the bottles, getting everyone wet.

"Uh!" Stephanie yelps. "What did you do! Your a witch!" I wipe the water off my face.

"I didn't do anything!" I growl.

"She didn't do anything!" Brianna says.

"Ya!" Kylie and Marcy reply. Stephanie scowls and walks back to her table.

"That girl has a problem." We say at the same time. Then we burst out laughing.

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