The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


23. Welcome home





    Although Nurse Jackson was upset that I was leaving, she let me go claiming that I was happier when the boys were around and they were good for me. So here I was, sitting next to Beau and Jai and we were flying back out to America to get the shows started. The entire tour was pushed back one day since they came and got me so I knew they would be busy.

    “So, Vi, what was the hospital like?” Jai asked as we were sitting and a few of us were eating.

    “It was so boring. There was nothing there to do for kids my age. And some of the girls were such jerks.” I said rolling my eyes.

    “They must have been jealous.” Beau commented.

    “Jealous of what?” I asked.

    “Well, you’re related to 3 out of 5 of the Janoskians. You dated Daniel who is a pretty attractive dude. You’ve been to almost every country. We give you whatever you want, yeah, I think some girls may be jealous of that.” I smirked at him.

    “Not my fault you have money and Daniel is attractive. It’s how he was made.” I laughed and he turned around to look at me.

    “I can hear everything you are saying right now.” I smiled at him showing my teeth and my dimples.

    “I know.” I said and he turned back around.

    “Did you ever go and visit Ryan?” Luke asked and I nodded.

    “She looks so much more like you than she does Hayden.” I knew Hayden was having a rough time because when I saw here in that store that one day she looked super pale and he eyes were bloodshot and she had bags under her eyes and I could tell her shoulders were caving towards each other. “She’s doing better than Hayden is too.” I commented. “She didn’t look good.”

    “Well she’s stressed out. Our child is in the hospital.”

    “Yeah but she’s doing great.” I said. I knew that Luke was stressed about it too, his girlfriend and daughter were back at home and one of them may not make it, I see where he is coming from but she’s alive and she’s healthy.

    “Violet, did you get to hold her?” He asked and I shook my head.

    “I wasn’t allowed. They said only the parents could hold her.” I was a little upset that I wasn’t allowed to hold my niece but she was sick and I understood. I just wish that kid could pull through, Luke would lose his mind.




    I was again alone with my little girl. I could see her chest rising and falling as she slept. Usually Violet would come and see me at this time as she was just waking up but the boys her back. Ryan was so much bigger than the day she was born and she was eating more and she could move around a little more. She was the most perfect I have ever seen.

    “How’s it going?” My mom asked coming into the room and placing a bag of Panera on the table next to me.

    “Good. She looks good doesn’t she?” I asked. I wasn’t allowed to take her home or stay here over night so to get used to waking up with her in the night I set an alarm for every three hours and spent a half hour awake to try and get myself used to waking up with her. The nurses say she is fabulous at night and only wakes up twice but I don’t really believe them.

    “She does. She looks beautiful.” She answered before going and kissing her little forehead. “How’s Luke?” She asked.

    “He’s losing his mind. I feel so bad.”

    “What is he losing his mind about?” She asked.

    “Her. He wants to be here with her so badly.” I answered. I knew he couldn’t be here and I was dealing with this on my own just fine. “I know it’s going to be hard but I got this. I can do it.” I commented. I so badly just wanted to do some things on my own. Luke was already paying for the hospital bill and I wanted to be able to take care of her on my own, that’s the least I could do for my sick child.

    “Well, Cody wanted to come visit you.” Cody was my best friend and I haven’t seen her in a while because I have been at the hospital everyday for the last seven weeks. I couldn’t believe my baby was already seven weeks old and she would be able to come home in three weeks.

    “She can come and visit! I miss her!” I said reaching for my phone to text her. “She doesn’t think I abandoned her right?” I asked and my mom shrugged. “She does doesn’t she?” I asked. I felt as if everyone thought I was leaving them because of my child. She needed me more now than anyone else did.

    “She just feels like she doesn’t see you anymore.” She said. “She just wants to visit.”

    “Well she can. But I’m not going to leave my sick daughter here so we can go to the mall or something. Ry needs me more than Cody does.” I said defending myself.

    “I’m not saying you need to go to mall with her. But just have her come over and see the baby and such.”

    “I will.” I said texting her to come over. I was more than excited when she sent back that she would be here in a few minutes. “She’s on her way.” I answered. When she walked through the door to the NICU I got up and hugged her. “How have you been?” I asked her as we walked over to look at Ryan.

    “I’ve been alright.” She answered smiling at me. “I got a boyfriend.” She said and the smile got even wider.

    “Who?” I asked and she just smiled at me.

    “Cole!” She said. She has liked Cole for a long time and finally she was able to have him as her own.

    “Oh my gosh!” I said. We freaked about that for a few minutes before we turned back to Ryan.

    “What’s her name?” She asked.

    “Ryan Elizabeth. Violet came up with Elizabeth.” I was pretty sure she did at least.

    “That’s cute. How is Violet?” She asked. Most people knew of Violet and everything those four kids had gone through.

    “She’s good. She was in the hospital for a while but the boys came back and got her.”

    “Why was she in the hospital.” It was the hardest thing to talk about because Frankie watched it all happen on a webcam and called me to call the police before he got ahold of Beau.

    “She tried to kill herself.” I breathed out. “They got there just in time.” It was so hard having the only other girl around want to kill herself when you’re daughter is sick and she didn’t want to stick around and it broke my heart.

    “Oh my god. Are you okay?” She asked and I nodded.

    “She’s okay. She was just having some trouble there.” I said.

    “Well its good that she’s better.” She smiled and I nodded my head smiling too. “So when was this little on born? And why wasn’t I notified?” She asked.

    “Seven weeks ago and because we didn’t want the public to know yet but paps saw us coming into the hospital so… We just kept it to ourselves.” I commented. I really didn’t want the fans knowing what was going on with Ryan and Luke but Luke tweeted it anyway saying that she was born too early and she would be in the hospital. He always tweeted some pictures that literally blew up. They were everywhere I looked. They were even on the news.

    “I saw it all on the news. I didn’t realize it was your baby until your mom told me.” She said and I nodded.

    “Yup. She was mine.” I smiled as I looked down at her.

    “Are we allowed to hold her?” She asked.

    “Yes. Now you can. Before I was the only one who could hold her.” I said picking her up and watching the cords that were attached to her. “Sit down.” I said before placing her in her arms. She squirmed a little before she settled down and rested again.

    “She’s so small.” Cody whispered.

    “Yeah. Barely even felt her come out.” I laughed. She was the smallest baby I had ever seen. It was amazing that she had made it. Miracles do happen. I know because my daughter is one.




    The boys had were staying at the house out in California so that’s where we went. As soon as we got there I went right for the pool. I hadn’t been swimming in months.

    “You need to clean it.” I commented to them before Beau came over and pushed me in.

    “Welcome home.” He smiled before Daniel pushed him in. “My phone you fucking ass!” He shouted before throwing his phone out of the pool and it smashed on the pavement. “You’re paying for my new phone.” He said and Daniel shook his head.

    “Already spent my money for this month.”

    “On what?” Beau asked and Daniel looked at me.

    “A necklace and a trip home.” He said and I smiled. Of course I didn’t want him to spend that much money on me but he made me so happy so I was going to let him do whatever he wanted. “She deserved it.” He commented. “I can give you money next month though.”

    “Did you buy it Vi?” Beau asked and Daniel nodded. I saw Beau smiled.

    “Don’t worry about the phone.” He said before he got out and went to change.

    “Are you gonna come swimming with me?” I asked him and he nodded his head before placing his phone and shirt on the side before jumping in and splashing me.

    “I’m glad you’re home.” He said kissing my forehead.

    “Me too.” I didn’t plan on leaving this time. They were stuck with me.


*I just wanted to let everyone know that my writing is going to slow down. My dad was hurt in a huge fire early this morning. Two little boys died ages 10 and 4. They were on the third floor where the fire was way too hot and my dad couldn't reach them. The firefighters did everything they could to save the two boys but the Chief said it was just too hot. My dad is alive and he is doing well. Thank you for your understanding and please pray for the family who lost their two sons. It days like this that make me thankful for everyone in my life. He almost didn't make it out alive.* 

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