The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


27. Weddings suck





    It was around four in the morning when I made my way to Daniel’s room. Not because I wanted to talk to him, I wanted to do the dirty with him. I was deprived and I couldn’t satisfy myself anymore. I slowly closed his door before stripping away my clothes and climbing on top of him. I pulled his boxers down as far as I could before I got on top of him. He smiled in his sleep before he moaned. I moaned along with him before his eyes shot open.

    “Violet, what the hell are you doing?” He asked as I still bounced on him moaning.

    “I needed you.” He flipped us over so I was underneath him and he got his boxers off the rest of the way before slamming into me and I nearly shouted out.

    “Does this mean I am forgiven?” He asked and I shook my head no. He frowned but slammed into me harder. “Does this mean you’re mine again?” He asked before he moaned out a few times going faster.

    “Fine.” I answered while moving my hips up to meet his. He was going so fast I could barely keep up. He was obviously deprived too. I shouted as I reached my high and he wasn’t far behind me before we both collapsed onto each other and fell asleep.



    “Well, I think Vi and Daniel are back together.” I smirked at Beau and Luke.

    “What?” Beau asked.

    “I just found them both naked cuddled up together in his bed.” Beau let out a sigh.

    “Jesus! How many times is she going to go back to him after he keeps breaking her heart!” He shouted and I just looked at him.

    “You really don’t see it do you?” I asked and he looked at me confused.

    “See what?”

    “She loves him, Beau. She doesn’t care that he has hurt her before. When they are together she is so in love. She’s happier with him around her.” I answered. You could tell they were in love and I think Beau needed to give it a rest. “Give it a rest.” I said as I sat down. Violet came stumbling out of Daniel’s room wearing his shirt and a pair of shorts. Her hair was a mess and she looked really tired but she still looked beautiful.

    “Morning.” She mumbled before going to get the orange juice out of the fridge and pouring two glasses before going back to Daniel’s room. I smiled because she was happy again. I’m sure her and Daniel were going to talk about what had happened at his birthday party because he was telling the truth. He never cheated on her, that other girl was all over him and he couldn’t get her off.

    “Tell her to put on more clothes.” Beau barked at me and I rolled my eyes.

    “I’m going to punch you in the head.” I said and he looked at me.

    “What?” He asked. Was he on his period or something?

    “You’re acting worse than Violet when she was on her period!” I shouted at him and Violet and Daniel came out out of the room and looked at us.

    “I’m trying to protect her!” He shouted at me.

    “Well you aren’t doing a very good job!” I shouted back at him. “Let her be a teenager for god sake! We pulled her out of school and her home so we could travel the world! We need to give her some type of teenage years! Jesus christ!” I shouted before storming down the hall and slamming my bedroom door shut. How were we suppose to give her a normal life if Beau didn’t treat her like a normal kid.


    “What is going on?” I asked Beau as he came into the kitchen.

    “Why do you care?” He shouted at me and I looked down before walking away. Daniel was right behind me.

    “He didn’t mean that.”

    “Yes he did. You have to listen to people when they are angry because that’s when the truth comes out.” I answered him. “They don’t want me anymore.” I said and he grabbed my face in his hands.

    “Don’t you ever say that again. Didn’t you hear Jai? He wants your life to be as normal as possible.”

    “My life will never be normal. How do you expect me to have a normal life? My brother’s are famous. My boyfriend had thousands of girls wanting to be with him. I’m an aunt to my 19 year olds brother’s baby. How am I suppose to be normal?” I asked and he shrugged.

    “Let’s go out and do something normal people do.” He said and I looked at him.

    “That doesn’t matter. I could ask you for anything and you would buy it for me. We have endless money.” I answered.

    “Well, maybe you should help Hayden plan the wedding.” He answered. She was out looking for dresses right now. They had already picked the date and it was literally in two months. Like what the hell? That isn’t enough time to plan a wedding.



    We were sitting Hayden and Luke’s wedding. They decided to have it back home.I was wearing a tight, dark blue dress that went to just above my knee. I had my hair curled and my make up was perfect. Of course Hayden didn’t chose me to be in her wedding so I was sitting here alone. Well I wasn’t alone, I was with Nonna and Nonno. But I didn’t have my brother’s or boyfriend here because Luke chose them to be the bestmen. Ryan was sitting on my lap. Well she was laying on my chest asleep. I had a feeling I would be watching her for most of the night. She was coming home with me while they went on their honeymoon. They were heading off to Aruba tonight and we were flying back to Cali in two days.

    “I do.” Luke said.

    “You may kiss the bride.” Of course he did in the most inappropriate way. Although this was a beautiful day and everything looked perfect, I couldn’t have been more sad. Luke was moving out of our house. Of course he was only going down the street but that means that they would start to expand their family and we would be seeing less and less of him. And what about tour?

    As they walked out I followed behind and Daniel wrapped his arm around my waist and I smiled at him.

    “What’s wrong?” He whispered in my ear and I shook my head. Ryan was gripping onto my dress with her little hands. “You look good with a baby.” He said to me and I smiled at him. In a few weeks will be our one year. Of on and off dating of course.

    “Do I?” I asked and he nodded his head. “I’m going to look wonderful tomorrow when I’m exhausted and my hair is a mess.” I answered. Daniel was upset that it was wedding and most people sleep with their partner after a wedding and we couldn’t because we were on baby duty.

    “No. You’re going to look like a mother.”

    “Stop getting idea’s.” I said. These heels were killing my feet! I had had them for a while and only wore them a few times. They were white and had the nice flowers on the side and they were so perfect. We were heading inside for the reception party.

    “I wasn’t getting any ideas.” He said as he took Ryan from me. We were meeting some family but I wasn’t with my brother’s.

    “Who is this?” Someone I had seen before at other family events but forgot their name.

    “Ryan Elizabeth.” I smiled at her as she played with Ry’s hand.

    “She isn’t yours is she?” She asked and I laughed.

    “No. She’s Lukes.” I answered looking over at him.

    “How old is she?”

    “She is a little over five months now.” I answered.

    “Who is watching her while they go away?”

    “We are.” Daniel answered.

    “Oh. May I ask who you are?” She asked turning to him. Although he was holding the baby, this was the first time she looked at him.

    “I’m Daniel. I’m friends with the boys and Violet is my girlfriend.” He said looking at me and he smiled. Once we greeted everyone, me and Daniel made our way to the dance floor with Ryan still in his arms, she was still asleep. We rocked back and forth to songs before Luke came over and stole me from Daniel who began dancing with Hayden. Not once tonight has Luke or Hayden touched her. Maybe they were trying to get used to not being with her for over a week.

    “Are you having a good night?” I asked Luke who nodded his head.

    “Thanks for watching Ry for us.”

    “No problem.” I answered before the song ended and he went back to Hayden and Ryan was brought over to me as she was crying and she obviously hungry. I walked to a place where it was quieter and I fed her. She would be awake for a few hours before she would sleep again. I brought her back out to the dance floor where she danced in my arms and clapped her hands and shouted a few times.

    “Are you having fun?” Daniel asked me once he found his way over to me and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I shrugged. Never would I have thought that I would be taking care of the baby. Beau hasn’t really talked to me since he had that fight with Jai, it was two months ago. “Wanna head over to the hotel? You look exhausted.” He said and I nodded my head.

    “We are going to the hotel.” I said to Luke who hugged me and kissed Ryan before we headed back. I have come to the conclusion that weddings suck.

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