The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


3. We didn't do it







I woke up and Luke was gone. I heard some yelling. Luke’s voice and Daniels and a little of Violets voice. I got out of bed doing my best not to wake Jai. I opened the door to Violets bedroom to see them all standing there fighting with each other.

“Wow!” I yelled louder hoping I wasn’t going to wake up Beau and Jai. Luke turned at my voice. “What is going on?” I asked walking into the room and closing the door.

“Luke is freaking out thinking we had sex because Daniel was sleeping in his underwear.” Violet huffed and sat down on the bed.

“They did have sex!” Luke yelled.

“There is no condom to prove that!” Violet yelled.

“Exactly!” Luke yelled. She rolled her eyes.

“Luke, I promise I am still a virgin. Will you stop worrying? We wont be having sex anytime soon.” She said. He rolled his eyes and left.

“I’m allowed to be worried right?” He asked me as we walked into the kitchen.

“What are you worried about? She’s a smart girl, Luke. She wont do anything stupid. I’ll keep her protected.”

“How are you gonna do that?” He asked me. I knew he didn’t want to know what I would do for her but I was gonna talk to him about him anyway.

“I can get her birth control.” I said.

“You aren’t even on that.” He said making himself some food.

“Yes I am.” I said. I guess I never told him that.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?” He turned to look at me.

“Because I wanted you to still use condoms.” I said. It was true. I was afraid that even though I was on birth control I could still get pregnant. 

“I still will.” He said. He came over and stood in front of me. He grabbed my waist and held me. “I’m just worried about them.” He whispered.

“I know you are. You need to give them your blessing. She’s finally happy, she hasn’t been happy in a long time. He makes her happy.” I said to him in a small voice. 

“I guess.” He kissed me. “I just don’t want her to end up pregnant and hurt.” He said.

“I know you don’t honey.” He sighed. I grabbed his face. “ You need to relax. We will protect her. Daniel would never hurt her.” I said. I walked back into Violets room to see them both sleeping. I smiled and shut the light off before I closed the door and walked back to make Beau, Jai and me some breakfast. 

“Thanks.” Jai said as I placed a plate in front of him. “What were they fighting about?” He asked as I sat down across from him.

“Luke thought Skip and Violet had sex. But they didn’t.” I said letting him know. He nodded his head. 

“They got together yesterday. Is Luke serious? I know Violet and she would never do that.” Jai said to me.

“Thats what I’m saying.” Beau came into the room then. He sat down at the table and began eating. I finished eating and put my plate in the dishwasher and went to find Luke in his bed room. “Babe, I gotta head home.” Luke turned around to face me and gave me a pouty face.

“All right. Text me when you get home safe.” He said.

“I will.” I gave him a kiss and headed out the front door to my car.




I was getting sick of Luke always saying rude stuff to me and Daniel. We literally started dating yesterday. Last night it got hot and Daniel took his clothes off. We didn’t do anything. I was knocked out for most of the night anyway. 

“Daniel.” I whispered after we had fallen asleep again.

“Shhh.” He whispered back. I laid back down but moved over so he couldn’t touch me. “Where are you?” He lifted his head to see me. I loved his morning voice. It was so sexy. I giggled and moved closer. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my chest.

“I’m hungry.” I said to him as I ran my hand through his hair. He eventually got up so I could go eat. We sat down at the table where Jai was eating his breakfast.

“Good morning.” He said.

“Morning. How was your night?” I asked.

“Luke and Hayden make a lot of noise.” He whispered so Luke couldn’t hear him. I giggled and got out some cereal to eat.

“Skip you can eat whatever you want.”  I said and he went into the fridge to find something.

“What are you doing today?” Jai asked me.

“Nothing. I need to do some Christmas shopping.” I said. “You?” I questioned him.

“I don’t know. Can I go shopping with you?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said. I finished eating before I went to go change and put some make up on. “Okay, I’ll be back later.” I kissed Daniel before me and Jai left the house. “My car or yours?” I asked Jai.

“Mine.” He grabbed his keys out of his back pocket. We both got into his car and drove over to the mall.

“Good now you can pick out your Christmas present.” This would be the first year we had Christmas without my mom and I’m not complaining. Something always seemed to happen to my presents. I knew my mother hated me because my father didn’t want another child. When he was finally okay with it, he wanted a boy, and as you can see, I’m not a boy. My father then left us due to the fact that I wasn’t what he wanted. I never knew my dad because he left a few days after we came home from the hospital. I wish I had known him but I wasn’t perfect to him and every child should look perfect to them. My dad is missing out on three amazing looking kids. My parents made some pretty hot kids. My brothers are very attractive. I’m not gonna lie. I have a mixture of all of them in me but I look the most like Beau.

“Whats the cost limit?” He asked.

“50.” I said. “Are we gonna go see mom?” I asked.

“I’m not sure yet. I’m debating if I should bring you over there and risk something happening.” He said. I could tell he had thought about what we were gonna do with her before. I knew he didn’t want me around her.

“Well, I’ll buy her a presents and you and the boys can bring them over to her.” I said to him. Tomorrow me and Jai would be going to “school”. Ever since the boys became famous we have been home schooled. Their videos pay for it. Jai didn’t have enough credits to graduate yet because he missed a lot of school due to me missing it. 

“My present for you already came in the mail.” He smiled at me. I started to get excited because I asked him for One Direction concert tickets. This August(my birthday) we would be heading to Boston, Massachusetts for a concert that the boys were having. But while we are gonna be there so is One Direction. I’ve been begging my brothers to get them for me and I guess they did!

“One Direction?!” I asked. He laughed.

“It could be.” He said. I was so excited. I knew the boys would pull through and give me the best Christmas ever.

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