The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


7. Visiting Theresa







“Violet.” Beau said coming into my room. I was sitting at my desk on Twitter. 

“Yeah?” I asked.

“There is someone on the phone for you.” He said. I took the phone from him. 

‘Hello?’ I answered the phone.

‘Hello, I’m Theresa. I would like to fly you and your brothers out to meet me.’She said. I was very confused as to why she wanted to do this.

‘All right. Can I ask why?’ I questioned her.

‘I’m a medium. I speak to the dead.’ I right away knew that this was about my mother. ‘Your mother has been coming to me. She wants to talk to you and your brothers. Your name is Violet correct?’ She asked.

‘Yes.’ I answered getting choked up. ‘If I come, can I bring a couple friends?’ I asked. 

‘Three friends?’ She asked. Daniel, James and Hayden.

‘Yes.’ I said.

‘Of course. I would like if you could fly out as soon as possible.’ She said.

‘I will be there.’




We had just pulled up to Theresa’s house and I was very nervous. We all got out of the car and I went first and rang the door bell.

“Hello!” She said hugging me. 

“Hi.” I said. 

“I’m Theresa.” She said.

“I’m Violet.” I said back to her. The boys and Hayden introduced themselves to her. 

“You all can sit on the couch.” I sat next to Jai and Daniel. She started on this little speech before she began.

“Violet, your mother has passed. Along with your brothers mother.” She said.

“Yes.” I answered.

“She’s showing me two newborn babies with a boy looking at them.” She said. “I assume its you three.” She said pointing to my brothers. They all nodded. “Now she is showing me four boys and a baby girl.” She said. 


“Now she is showing me a fist. Was she abused? Did she abuse someone?” I could feel tears brimming in my eyes.

“She abused me.” I whispered. I grabbed onto Daniels hand. 

“She’s showing me a man. He’s all black.  There is a white heart in the middle of his body.” She said.

“That must be our father. He has her heart.” Beau said. 

“He’s gone.” She said.

“He left us the day Violet was born.” Luke said. 

“Violet, I’m seeing the word sorry. She’s showing me you laying on the kitchen floor with a black eye. She’s sorry. She’s sorry she hurt you and did that to you. To all of you, she’s sorry she showed you all her falling apart. She knew she shouldn’t have done that to you.” She said. I could feel myself crying and Jai wrapped his arms around me. “Violet, she wants you to stop holding the guilt you are feeling. It is not your fault that she was abusive and that she drank.” She said. “Was something wrong with her liver?” She asked.

“She died of liver failure.” Daniel answered for us due to the fact that I could barely breathe. 

“She wants you to know that it was not your fault. None of this was your fault, Violet. She did this to herself. You have to let that go.” She said coming and hugging me. “She loves you.” She said. When she let go of me I gripped onto Jai. I was the closest with Jai and I knew he knew exactly what I was feeling. “She wants you to know she is okay. She’s proud of you.” She said. I tried my hardest to calm down but I knew I couldn’t the tears just kept flowing. 

“Thank you so much.” I said hugging her as we all walked to the door. 

“You’re very welcome.” She said rubbing my back. I had calmed myself down enough to look normal to get back on the plane to fly home. 

“I really needed that.” I said holding Daniels hand. He kissed me. I couldn’t help but feel this weight lift off my shoulder knowing that she was okay. I finally got a sorry that I had been waiting for my whole life. 

“I think we all needed that.” I said. I got a call on my phone just then. I knew it was here.

‘May I please talk to Hayden.’ I handed the phone to her. We all stood around listening.

“Yes.”Hayden said. “Thank you.” She began crying then. I wasn’t sure why. “Thank you. Good bye.” She said handing my phone back. She cried into Lukes arms. She didn’t say what she said. I don’t think she wanted to share it with us. We all boarded the plane then. I sat with Jai and Daniel. 

“Sleep. You look exhausted.” Jai said to me. I decided to close my eyes and sleep. My eyes were hurting horribly and I needed it to go away. I laid my head onto Daniels shoulder and slumber overtook me.




Theresa said that my father was proud of me. She said that he was sorry for the way he left and that he wanted me to take good care of my baby. I couldn’t tell anyone what she said because they didn’t know about the baby besides Violet. I knew eventually she would want to know what she said. 

“You all right?” Luke asked after I calmed down. “It was your dad wasn’t it?” He asked. I nodded my head. My dad had passed away when I was ten. I was very close with my father and his passing made me almost lose my mind. I had gone through depression, more than once. I had been in a hospital, more than once. It was the worst thing any person ever has to go through. A ten year old should never having to bury her father. Its too young. 

“He’s proud of me.” I answered. Luke grabbed a hold of my hand and kissed me.

“I’m proud of you too.” He answered. I smiled at him. I knew I should probably tell him about the baby here because he wont make a big scene about it.

“I have to tell you something. And I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore after I tell you.” He looked at me.

“Did you cheat on me?” He asked hurt.

“No! I would never.” I said. 

“Then whats going on?” He asked.

“I’m pregnant.” I said to him looking down. I didn’t see his reaction.

“Wait, you thought I was going to leave you because I got you pregnant? The day that happens is the day I die.” He said. “I would never leave you. That’s my baby and I’m going to take care of it.” I smiled at him.

“I’m sorry it had to happen this way though.” I said frowning.

“Someone looses their life, another life is born. My mother passed, and now we’re having a baby. I don’t think it was a mistake.” He said. 

“I would never call our baby a mistake.” I said crossing my arms.

“That’s what I’m saying.” He said laughing. “Thank you, Baby.” I knew he was fine with it. I’m sure he was stressing out a little about it but so was I. I had never taken care of a baby before how was I going to do this?

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