The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


26. This is where I should be





    Our house was filled with a ton of people all dressed up in costumes for Daniel’s party. Drinks were flying everywhere. People were making out and getting naked. It was out of control. But it was awesome!

    “Violet!” I heard Beau shouting. “Where’s Daniel?” I looked around and realized I hadn’t seen him for a while.

    “I’m not sure!” I shouted over the music before pushing past people and going to look in the bedrooms. What I found wasn’t anything on what I wanted to find.




    “What the hell are you doing?! I have a girlfriend!” I shouted at this random girl who was at my party who was stripping naked in front of me. She climbed on top of me and I could smell the alcohol on her and I nearly threw up. “Get off me!” I shouted before she started sucking on my neck. No matter how hard I tried to get her off she wouldn’t move. “Help me!” I shouted hoping someone would hear me. The last person I wanted to help me came walking through the door.

    “What the fuck?” She said to herself and she looked like she was going to kill me. I shoved the girl to the ground before I followed her out of my room and into her own.

    “Violet, please. It’s not what it looked like.” I said to her holding my hands out.

    “You didn’t have a naked girl on top of you on your bed?” She asked.

    “Well I did but I wasn’t going to do anything with her. She dragged me in there and started taking her clothes off. I wasn’t going to do anything with her. I promise. I swear to god. She was drunk. She didn’t know what she was doing.” I said to her and she just looked at me.

    “I think I need to be alone.”  Now with anyone else I would leave them be but hearing those words come from Violet mouth were the scariest thing in the world.

    “Oh hell no. I’m not allowing that.” I said.

    “I just want to be alone, Daniel!” She shouted.  I knew I was in deep shit. I sighed before I stepped out of the room to let her be.

    “What’s going on?” Beau asked me.

    “That crazy bitch was trying to have sex with me and Violet saw us. I ruined everything! She’s never going to want to be with me now!” I sat down and I felt like crying. In the middle of my party I was losing my mind. I rested my face in my hands and Beau sat next to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

    “She’s probably crying.” Beau said and I nodded.

    “I know. I didn’t mean to, Beau. You have to believe me.” I said and he nodded his head.

    “I believe you.” He said. This was the worst birthday ever.



    I was numb. I wasn’t sure what to do. I would have never thought that I would have caught him with another girl on top of him when I walked into that room. I wanted to punch her in the face over and over again. What the hell am I going to do? I’m not going to let him get away with that if he wanted it to happen for not. Jai walked into my room then and shut the door behind him.

    “What am I suppose to do?” I asked him and he shrugged.

    “I don’t know but I know what it feels like.” He said. I forgot that Ariana had cheated on him. I hadn’t seen any of their family since then. He sat down next to me and he lifted my chin up to look at him and he had tears brimming in his eyes. “I don’t want to see you go through what I went through. Hold your head up high and show that boy what he could have had.” I smiled at him.

    “I’ll do my best.” I said to him.




    I’ve kept myself busy helping Hayden with Ryan. The world seemed so much better for all of us that we were all together in one big house. I don’t think Daniel was thrilled. He tried to get out of the house whenever he could.

    “Good morning!” I said to Ryan as I walked into Luke’s room. Hayden and Luke were both out shopping or something and they had asked me to watch her. Of course being the great sister and Aunt that I am, I said yes. I love spending time with just me and her. Sometimes it’s good to spend time talking to a twelve week old baby. She giggled at me as I picked her up. “Mommy and daddy went out for the day, it’s just us love.” I said to her and kissed her little face. Luke loved that little girl so much. Whenever I saw him he was near her or had her in his arms.

    “Good morning.” Daniel said to me as I walked into the living room.

    “Morning.” I said back to him. Beau was pretty pissed off at him because of what happened at the party and I don’t blame him. I was upset about it too. “Want to go swimming with us?” I asked him.

    “Sure.” He answered. Although I don’t think me and Daniel were together, I still loved him and I still looked at him like a friend and maybe someday we could spend the rest of our lives together but for right now, we were just living under the same roof trying to live our lives.




    I hated leaving Violet home alone with Daniel. I knew she was very upset with him but I needed to see Hazel. I was losing my mind without her. I’ve been living here for months and she never comes over.

    “Is there something wrong?” I asked her when I picked her up and we started walking down the street.

    “No, why would you think that?” She asked as she looked at me.

    “Well, you haven’t come over in months, we rarely talk anymore. Do you even still like me?” I asked her and she looked at me.

    “I don’t know, Beau. It was fun there for a while and I love your siblings and the guys but…” She trailed off.

    “You don’t want to be with me?” I asked her and she just stared up at me.

    “I’m sorry.” I shook my head at her.

    “Don’t say sorry. You can’t help what you’re feeling.” The only Brooks that seemed to kinda have their life together was Luke. That lucky shit.

    “But, I could see how much you liked me and I just…” She trailed off.

    “Just stop, you don’t have to say anything. I understand.” I said. I wrapped her in a hug and kissed her forehead before I headed back down the street with my hands in my pockets. There were now three Brooks that were single. At one point we were all in a relationship, our world is falling apart. When I walked into the house I could hear splashing in the pool and some laughing. I looked out the back window and Ryan, Violet and Daniel were all in the pool. I didn’t even bother talking to them I just went up to my room and laid down looking at the ceiling. Maybe this was how our lives were suppose to be. All living in one house hoping for a love that we were never going to find.




    I was so happy now that both of my girls were living in the same house as me. Of course I didn’t want to take Ry away from her grandparents but I am her father and she should be living with me. The fact that Violet was happier made everyone else happy. It finally seemed like my life was going in the right direction. Of course I had my music career and the guys to help me with that and I had many fans around the world but besides that. I finally knew what it was like to care so deeply for another person.

    “Are you happy that you’re out here?” I asked Hayden and she smiled at me.

    “Very. Now we can finally be a family.” She said and I smiled.

    “I’m so happy with her. She’s beautiful and she’s going to be a great kid some day. I can’t wait to watch her grow up.”

    “I can’t believe you can like accidentally make people.” She said and I laughed. I shrugged because if you think about it, you can make a person without meaning too. No one realizes why they got pregnant until the child is here. I realized we had a kid because I was suppose to spend the rest of my life with Hayden.

    “Well, wanna know why we made a kid?” I asked her and she stopped walking and looked at me.

    “Why?” She asked and I got down on one knee.

    “Because I’m suppose to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I asked her and tears sprung in her eyes.

    “Yes!” She shouted and I stood up and kissed her. This was where I was suppose to be. Right here, right now. With her. No one else. This is my life now. Welcome to daddy hood, Luke.

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