The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


8. This is me







“Don’t you think we should go and do something?” Daniel asked as we laid in bed. I had just gotten over the flu and he spent the whole time taking care of me so he wanted to leave the house. My eyes were closed but he knew I was awake.

“I mean we can go to the beach.” I said. “Just relax. Swim or something.” I answered him.

“Okay fine.” He said back as he got up. He went to closet where we had our clothes and he grabbed his blue bathing suit with my blue bikini. “I want you to wear this one.” He commented to me.

“Okay.” I grabbed it from him and stipped from my clothes throwing it on. “Can you help me?” I asked as he tied the back of it for me. “Thanks.” Hayden was now a month and a week along in her pregnancy. We were all getting very excited. Our episode of Long Island Medium came out on T.V and I always made everyone watch it with me when it came on. I could hear Luke and Hayden yelling from the other room.

“Vi!” I heard them both yell. I walked next door after throwing on one of Daniels tank tops and a pair of jean shorts with white hand prints on the butt pockets.

“Yes?” I asked as I opened the door and they were both sitting on the bed with pens and papers in their hands.

“Okay so we are coming up with babies names. I like Ryan for a girl and Stephen for a boy.” Hayden said to me.

“And I like Chris for a boy and Scarlett for a girl.” Luke said to me.

“I like Ryan better for a girl and Chris better for a boy.” I answered. If its a girl name her Ryan Scarlett and if its a boy name him Christopher Stephen.” I said wrapping my hair up into a bun. “I’m going out with Daniel. We will be back later.” I told them as I walked out of the room.

“Be careful!” Hayden yelled.

“I will!” I yelled back as I grabbed a bag with towels and my phone. Daniel was standing in the kitchen with Beau eating food. “ What’s this?” I asked taking the thing off of Daniels plate.

“They taste good. Just try it.” Daniel said to me.

“It looks like a dog cookie.” I said. It really did look like some type of cookie. I sniffed it. “Daniel what the hell! Its a dog cookie! You were going to let me eat that?!” I threw it at him and slapped his chest. Him and Beau burst out laughing. He tried to touch me. “No! No touching for an hour!” He gave me a look.

“Are you serious?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“Bro, you gotta have the worst blue balls ever.” Beau said. Daniel gave him the same look he gave me.

“You don’t even know.” He said. I laughed at him.

“And you will for a long time.” I commented.

“No. It goes away at night.” He smirked.

“Ew! I touch that hand!” I said wiping my hand on my shirt. We started walking out of the house. “You’re gross.” I said giving him a disgusted look.

“You’re the one who wanted to date me.”

“Well… How could I not want to?” I asked. He pulled me close to him.

“Not sure.” He kissed me.

“I literally spent my entire life with you and the boys around. Eventually I would have to fall for you or James and I’m so glad it was you.” I said as he held my hand as we walked the shortish walk down to the beach.

“I’m glad too.” He smiled at me as he pulled me closer. We finally got to the beach and there were a ton of people here. It always bothered me when there was a bunch of people around and maybe some fans that knew Daniel.

“I hate people.” I commented to him. He pulled me closer to his body.

“You’ll be fine.” He said as he found a spot and laid out the towels. He laid them nearly on top of each other. I sat down before he was done and it got mad. “I was trying to make it perfect.” He said as he crossed his arms.

“Yeah yeah. Just lay with me.” I held my arms out as he sat down and wrapped his arms around me. “Did you guys talk to my school?” I asked.

“Yeah. We just pulled you out. Don’t worry about it.” He said as he kissed me.

“I’m so tired.” I said yawning. I laid with my head on his chest. “Good night.” I said. He laughed before kissing my head and he rested his chin on my head.

“Good night.” I was shaken what felt like minutes later. “You’re burning up!” I heard Daniels voice. He had everything packed as he stood me up and I jumped on his back and he carried my sleeping body to the car.

“I had fun.” I mumbled before he slipped me into the car and I fell asleep.




To be honest about all of this, I was scared out of my mind. I had never taken care of a baby, only Violet and she’s 16. I wasn’t sure what to do at all. I remember looking at young parents and saying it wasn’t going to be me. I ran my hands over my face and up through my hair.

This wasn’t suppose to be me. Worrying about what I was going to do. I wasn’t suppose to end up a teen father. I was suppose to be the famous Luke Brooks from the Janoskians. My panic had been getting worse. I felt my face heat up and I felt light headed. I quickly made my way to the bathroom pushing passed James and made it just in time to throw up.

“Are you okay?” He asked. Hayden was taking a nap and I didn’t want to wake her with my worries. “Want me to get Hayden?” He asked.

“No!” I yelled. “I don’t want her to worry.” I said rinsing my mouth in the sink.

“What’s up with you?” He asked. “I can see it in your eyes that something is holding you back. What are you so scared about?” He asked in a calm voice after closing the door.

“My girlfriend is having a baby. I have never and I mean never, taken care of a baby. Only Violet, and she’s 16. I have no idea what I’m doing. This isn’t how it was suppose to end.” I said my voice cracking at some points.

“You just have to be there. Everything else will fall into place.” He said patting me on the back. It was weird, he didn’t have a baby, but he somehow knew how to give the best advice. The saddest people smile the brightest. The smartest people, have been through a lot. Its amazing how that works. But James isn’t in a relationship and he hasn’t been in a long time, he always gives the best relationship advice. “She’s not going to leave you alone with a baby.” He said. I thought about it and I realized why would either of us leave? I made that child. Its mine. I had sex, I put it there. “You should be proud. Some people don’t get to love others as young as you.”

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