The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


14. The Grandes







The house was quiet when me and Daniel walked through it the next morning. Ariana was sitting on the couch crying.

“What happened?” I ask sitting down wrapping her in my arms. She couldn’t answer me right away and I let her just cry.

“My grandfather died.” She finally choked out. I froze. I was very close with her family. Her grandparents felt like my own. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was literally dying.

“Oh my gosh.” I knew we would be flying back to America for the funeral.

“The only time I was away from him and he let go.” She cried.

“It was easier for you to be away. He couldn’t see you suffering.” I commented. I wish I could make her feel better but I knew I couldn’t. “I’m going to go talk to Beau.” I said. I checked my phone and I had a few messages from Frankie.

‘Looked amazing last night! Hugs and Kisses!’

‘Grandpa died early this morning.’ Was the last one. I felt my heart break into a million pieces. He had stomach cancer so it was only a matter of time before he passed but not being by his side when he needed us was hard.

“Are you going to the wake and funeral?” I asked Beau. He simply nodded his head. I stood watching him before he patted the bed next to him and I jumped into his arms.

“It’ll be okay.” I could tell he was upset. “He was 90.” He said.

“Let’s skype Frankie.” Me and Beau were very close with Frankie and talked often. We called him and he answered.

“Hey.” He said. I could tell he was trying his hardest to stay strong.

“We are coming out tomorrow.” Beau told him. “We will bring Ari.” He said.

“Well I would hope you wouldn’t leave her there alone.” He said trying to lighten the mood. “How was your night Vi?” He asked me.

“It was perfect. I just wish I could be with you in this time of need.” He shook his head.

“When your mother died I wasn’t there for you when you needed. Don’t worry about it. Keep my sister safe.” He said.

“I will.” I answered him. Beau right away booked tickets for us all to fly out there. “Is Daniel coming?” I asked.

“Well since you’ve had sex with him, yes. How could you possibly be away from him?” He asked.

“How did you know we had sex?” I asked him.

“You’re way too happy for this time of morning.” He laughed. I shrugged because it was true. I was never up this early and if I was I was pissed off at someone. “And you’re like glowing.” I laughed. Beau needed to stop looking at my face because he always picked stuff up from the look on my face. “How was it?” He asked. “Did you treat you good.” I nodded my head.

“He got these people to come to his house and make us dinner and cake. We had steak and it was amazing.” I said gushing over the dinner. “And then we walked down the street and there was a white horse and it was just beautiful.” I said totally leaving out everything that happened after that.

“That’s good. But you should go pack we are leaving tomorrow at four in the morning.” I quickly got off the bed before going to find the funeral clothes that we all had.

“He’s really gone.” Daniel said coming into my room where I had the four suitcases out and were packing mine and the boys clothes.

“Yeah.” I said sniffling. He was a god man. He was something that every grandchild wanted and I was lucky enough to be part of his life.

“Ariana said that we could stay with her and Frankie.” He said. I nodded my head. “We’ll be okay. So will they.” Skype began ringing on my computer. The boys bought this for me when we got back. It was the newest Imac you could buy.

“Hi.” I said to Frankie.

“I wanted to know all about your date. Get my mind off of things.” He said.

“It was perfect.” I turned and looked at Daniel. “We had dinner and dessert and then took a walk to see a horse.” I said gushing over it again.

“I’m going to go get some Starbucks. Want anything?” Daniel asked me.

“Caramel Frappuccino.” I answered before turning to my closet before pulling out a dress for the funeral. “I have to go get the boys clothes I’ll be back.” I said to him.

“Take me with you.” He said.

“I can’t. You’re on the Imac. Beau just bought it for me when we got back from Cali.” I said.

“Nice.” He laughed. “All right. Be quick.” I laughed. I rushed to Beau’s closet and got his fancy clothes and folding them on his bed before going to place them on my bed and doing the same for Luke and Jai.

“I’m back.” I said while placing shoes into another suitcase.

“How many days are you going to be over here?” He asked me.

“Uh. A few day’s I think. Beau is probably going to go see his girlfriend.” I said raising my eyebrows.

“What’s her name?” He asked me.

“Hazel. You have to hang out with us! She is so sweet and innocent. How Beau got her I have no idea.” I laughed and he joined.

“And you have to meet my friend Zach from in the Big Brother house.” He said.

“I watched a few episodes when we were over there! He is so cute! Is he gay?” I asked him trying my best to not sound rude.

“He is now.” He laughed. “He’s here right now! Zach! I have someone I want you to meet!” He shouted before another face appeared on the screen. “This is Violet. She is close friends with us. Her brothers are too.” He said.

“Hi!” He shouted like his normal self.

“Hi.” I laughed back.

“She’s pretty.” I heard him say as he walked away and even though I had a boyfriend and had no idea who he was, I blushed.

“She’s blushing!” Frankie said laughing.

“Stop! If Daniel hears you he will be mad.” I said laughing.

“Did he get me a coffee too?” Frankie asked.

“He would have if you asked.” I said while fixing my hair and gathering my make up for tomorrow.

“You’re room is huge.” He commented.

“You’re telling me.” I laughed. My room was big enough for five beds and had enough room for shelves and dressers. Not including the bathroom. “The purposely paint everything violet. They think they are so funny.” I quickly rushed back to their rooms for sleeping clothes. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go through this again but I was willing.




Running into Frankie’s arm’s in this strange place scared me. I didn’t want to be here, none of us did. The time wasn’t right. Zach was next to him, both of them had tears in their eyes. I hugged Zach after.

“We’ll be okay.” I whispered in his ear and he crumbled in my arms. I just let him cry. I had already been through this with my mother.

“How are you so sure?” He asked.

“I lost my mother five months ago.” I think it was five months ago. “I made it. My brother’s made it. There is some place better.”

“I’m sorry.” He said letting go and we both went to sit down.

“You didn’t give her booze to kill her.” I said.

“She put the bottle before you.” He said and I nodded. “What about your dad?” He asked.

“Left before I was born. My mom got pregnant and he only wanted three kids. He then was fine with it but wanted another boy. If you couldn’t tell, I’m not a boy.” He laughed.

“No but you look exactly like them.” He said.

“I know.” I laughed.

“We are going out to dinner after this. You and the guys should come.” He said. Daniel came and sat next to us.

“Zach this is Daniel, my boyfriend.” I said to him. They shook hands.

“You’re dating Frankie right?” He asked.

“Yes.” Zach answered. “He’s great.” Zach said looking over at him with longing eyes.

“You guys are so cute.” I said as Daniel wrapped an arm around me. These type of things made him uncomfortable.

“Thanks. So are you.” He said. Eventually went to greet the rest of our second family. We already knew all of them so we decided to let Zach have his time. Beau and James went out the back door and I followed to watch them. They were just cooling off.

“Do you think Vi will be all right?” James asked.

“Yes. With Frankie, Zach, Ari, and us, she’ll be just fine. We won’t let her fall like that again.” He said and I smiled. I wasn’t going to ever put them through that again. I was okay and I knew I was going to be okay.




Was it weird to say that Zach, Violet and the boys made this easier? It was like you have to rely on other people to keep you sane. I was glad my grandfather held up until after big brother so I was able to be there with him in his time of need.

“You doing okay?” Zach asked me. The wake was just about over and there weren’t many people left.

“Yeah.” I answered. My family and Violets family were going out to dinner after this. We left knowing that grandpa was in good hands.

“Can I go with Frankie and Zach?” Violet asked Beau.

“If its okay with them.” I nodded my head before she came running over to us.

“He’s a good father.” I said looking at her.

“He’s a good brother too.” She laughed. Beau and her brother’s were amazing to her and they took up the place in her heart where he father was suppose to be.

“How far along is Luke’s girlfriend now?” He asked me.

“Almost five months.” I answered. Hayden had stayed home because she hadn’t been feeling well these past few weeks and didn’t want to risk anything. I sat between Zach and Frankie in the limo. We pulled up to the restaurant shortly after that. I sat between Beau and Daniel. The dinner was amazing but it was very late by the time we were back at Frankie’s. Ari and Jai decided to stay at their parents house since it was about to get very crowded here.

“Don’t you think we should sleep? Beau said as it was almost midnight by now and we were still up playing board games. I knew Daniel would be pulling me into bed soon. We were sleeping Ari’s room and James and Beau were sharing one guest bedroom and Luke had the other one all to himself but I figured he would end up with me and Daniel.

“Yeah. We should.” Zach said before standing up and yawning. All of the guys were shirtless and sometimes it sucks that girls can’t go shirtless. I used to when I was little but when I started growing boobs it was weird.

“Good night.” We all said before going our separate ways. Luke ended up in bed with me and Daniel.

“Do you realize they have probably had sex on this.” I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up and go to sleep.” I said. “The funeral is tomorrow and I don’t want to listen to you complain that you are tired.” I said. This is a horrible way to bring a family together.


* r.i.p to grandpa grande. I wish I could hug them all. I know that during his passing Frankie was in the Big Brother house but I decided that it is already over and he was able to be there. This chapter is dedicated to all of the Grande's. May Grandpa Grande rest in peace.*

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