The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


17. Sometimes you need to make others happy







We were all finishing our last minute packing before we left for the boys tour tomorrow. The spent all day today signing things for the meet and greets. They actually had me forging their names for some of them so they could get more done. I got paid ten bucks and hour. I was willing to sign everything they had if I was getting paid. I made bank tonight doing that for them.

“Okay lets head over to the hospital.” Its been almost a month since Ryan was born. Her lungs and other organs were not fully developed so they are keeping her until her original due date. We all got into one car and headed over there.

“Bye baby Ry!” We all kissed her and held her one last time before hugging Hayden and heading home. Hayden would be staying here with her little girl while we all had to wake up super early tomorrow to fly over to L.A.

“I’m gonna miss them.” I said to Daniel as we drove him home.

“I am too. I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early.” He said kissing me before he got out of the car. He had decided to spend this night at home in his own bed with his family. I totally understood because soon I would be able to hog him all I wanted.

“Are you alright Luke?” I asked him and he nodded his head.

“I’m just going to miss them.” He said.

“Well all are.” I said. I knew we couldn’t just stay here because fans were waiting very patiently to see them. As soon as we all got home we all went straight to bed. I knew the boys would be having a hard time sleeping since they were very excited. Beau would be able to see Hazel and I knew she would be coming with us around America on tour with the boys. I was also going to go and see Frankie and Zach since I hadn’t talked to either of them in a while.




“Let’s go.” I heard Luke call from the hallway. I didn’t even bother changing. I just went in the pj’s I was in. Daniel was already at our house along with James. We were heading over to the airport for 6:30 meaning that we needed to be up and awake at around four. I wasn’t thrilled about it no.

“Come on, Baby. We are all heading out.?” Daniel said while kissing the side of my face.

“Carry me.” I moaned out. “Did you get the condoms?” I whispered.

“Ew!” Jai yelled from behind him. “I didn’t need to know that!” He shouted and I laughed before he left the room.

“Yes.” Daniel laughed before picking me up and carrying me to the van. “Are you excited?” He asked me as he sat me in the back of the van and sat next to me.

“Yeah. I’m happy for you guys. I just don’t want to leave Ry and Hayden.” I said. I would really miss those two but Ryan was too sick and Hayden needed to stay with her.

“Well she needs to stay at the hospital.” He said. I nodded my head. I already knew that.

Our ride to the airport was about an hour long before we finally got there and were seating on the plane. We were then getting onto a different plane in Boston and then flying over to L.A where we were getting picked up by a van and driving over to a hotel where we would spend the night before the boys headed over to an arena for a meet and greet and a show.

“I’m so tired.” I complained once we landed in L.A.

“Well that sucks. We are going to the beach.” Luke said.

“I’m fine with that.” The water here was amazing and I loved it here. I wish I could live here. We usually spent winters here while we spent summer back home. We all got settled into our rooms. Me, Daniel and Beau in one room and luke, Jai and James in the other.

“Which bathing suit are you going to wear?” Beau asked me.

“My blue one.”

“The one with the strings?” I wasn’t allowed to wear string bikini’s. The boys didn’t allow me too unless we were at home and it was too hot.

“No. It’s a regular one.” I said going into the bathroom. The shitty thing about sharing a room with my brother is that me and Daniel couldn’t have any fun or he would hear us.

“Okay. That’s fine.” He said once I came out of the bathroom. I was going to wear it anyway, I don’t care what he said. We all met in the hallway where we headed down to the beach. It was great to just be able to relax before we started traveling and running around. It was nice.




Hazel would be meeting us at the beach and then we were all going out to dinner. We had our first show tomorrow and I was super nervous. I’m sure the other guys were too. I usually never got nervous. Maybe it was the fact that Hazel would be there. We had been together for a few months now. We text all day long and skype every chance we get.

“Hi!” She said standing in front of me.

“Hey!” I said hugging her.

“Sorry I’m late. I couldn’t find my bathing suit.” She said sliding her shirt off and sitting next to me.

“It’s all good.” I said smiling at her. Was it weird that I knew I wanted to marry her someday. I just stared at her smiling.

“What?” She asked lifting her sunglasses up.

“Nothing. I’m just so in love with you.” I smiled at her with a cheeky grin.

“Awe, I love you too.” She said leaning into me. “So, I read somewhere that Jai and Ariana broke up.” She said to me and I nodded.

“I guess she was cheating on him. He’s taking it rough.” I said looking out to the water where they were all out swimming and splashing each other.

“Awe. How did he found out?” She asked.

“She texted him and told him.” He came to me that night crying about what happened. He refused to cry in front of Violet thinking that she would panic and freak out. She was great friends with Ariana and her brother. Jai said he didn’t want to ruin their relationship because of her cheating.

“At least she came clean right?” She asked laying down on her stomach to tan her back. She was pretty pale for a girl who lives in L.A.

“Yeah but she should have just left him if she wasn’t happy.” I said rolling my eyes. It actually made me so mad. My job was to keep my siblings happy and healthy and I wasn’t doing such a good job.

“Are you happy?” She asked me sitting up.

“Yes. But I’m also in love.” It sounded so cheesy and I smacked myself in the face and she laughed. “That sounded so cheesy.” I laughed.

“Yeah it did.” She laughed as she leaned over and kissed me. We watched as Daniel and Violet played around and I couldn’t be more happy that she ended up with him. “He makes her so happy.” She smiled and I did too.

“Yeah I know. I wouldn’t want her with anyone else.” I said.

“She’s glowing.”

“That’s because they have sex now.” She choked on the water she was drinking.

“They had sex before we did?” She asked.

“Well they have been dating for like ten or months.” I wasn’t really sure how long they were dating for. “And she’s on birth control.” I commented.

“Well I am too.” She said smirking.

“What are you saying?” I asked her pulled her onto my body.

“Nothing.” She blushed and giggled.

“Oh sure.” I said kissing her. She was asking me to have sex and I was more than willing. Just the only issue was that we needed to be alone and it needed to be the right time. Neither one of us were virgins but I wanted it to be special for her even it wasn’t her first time. I didn’t want her to think I was using her for sex because I wasn’t. I was using her to get married and have kids.




I watched as my daughter looked around reaching her arms out and kicking her legs. She had grown so much since she was born but she was still too small to come home.

“She’s so beautiful.” One of my friends said as she walked up to me. As soon as I woke up every morning I would head over to the hospital to see my little girl. I took a few pictures sending them to Luke. I knew he was missing her just as much as I was missing him. “Is Luke going to be home by the time she is ready to go home?” She asked.

“Yeah. They are coming home for a few days before they head back onto the road. The tour isn’t that long.” I said. I could deal with taking care of her until he got back. Of course we didn’t have a clue what we were going to do because we didn’t think she would be coming until around the new year. I wasn’t sure where we would be staying.

“That’s good.” She said. I didn’t want to leave my little girl, I always hated it. “He will be an amazing father.” I smiled at her comment.

“I hope so.” I sat down and the nurse placed Ryan in my arms.

“She’s getting stronger every day. She’ll be out of here before you know it.” The nurse said smiling. I fed her before changing her diaper and she fell asleep again. It was time for me to head home and I hated leaving her. I kissed her on her little head before I headed home. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see her.




I was missing my little girl so much. I knew I was doing this for her and my fans but this was the worst time she could have come into the world. I wasn’t prepared for it at all. We were heading over for a meet and greet.

“When is Hayden due?” Someone asked.

“Our little girl is already here. Ten weeks early.” I smiled at her before taking a picture. I seemed to be getting asked this a lot today. Violet was sitting on the couch in front of where we were taking pictures. Every time someone brought it up she would frown at me before turning back to her phone.

“I hate that people keep asking.” Beau whispered to me. I nodded my head. It was hard on each of us that we were away from her. We all had this connection with her and why would anyone want to be away from their newborn child?

“Just ignore them.” Violet said to me as she saw my face.

“Well that’s hard to do when my little girl almost didn’t make it!” I said getting annoyed.

“Stop.” Our manager said as we all began to fight. “Just finished this please.” He said. He was getting very annoyed with us and I was getting annoyed with the fans. “I will tell all of them not to talk about it.” He said before leaving the room. “I was told to tell you guys to please not ask about Luke’s little girl. She was born ten weeks early and she almost didn’t make it. They all miss her very much so if you could please not bring it up that would be greatly appreciated.” He said before coming back into the room with a fan following behind him.

“It’s so great to meet you!” She said hugging each of us before we all posed for a picture and she left. I felt as if we were here for hours and my feet were hurting. We had a little break for food and I checked my phone. Hayden had sent me a few pictures of the baby.

“Look!” I said holding my phone up and everyone crowded around to see the little face of my little girl on the screen. My lock screen was of Hayden holding her for the first time.

“She looks so much like you, Luke.” Violet said.

“She looks like you too.” I laughed and she smiled. I know having a child was hard for me and Hayden but it made Violet so happy and I didn’t want anything less than happiness for her.

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