The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


11. Little fights







“We have to.” Beau shook me awake.

“I don’t want to.” He sighed. He didn’t want to leave either. He found a beautiful girl and he really liked her. They had hung out every single day for the last two weeks that we were here.

“I don’t either. But the boys have families they need go back home to.” He said. We had no one. Just our grandparents but we weren’t sure how much longer we had with them either. I turned over and faced him.

“But we don’t.” He sighed again.

“They are our family.” He said back. I knew he was having a rough time with our mom being gone but she wasn’t good for any of us.

“Maybe Daniel will be your brother-in-law someday.” I laughed I got up and got dressed. I didn’t even bother with my make up. “Speaking of which, where is he?” I asked.

“Not sure.” Hazel came in the room then. She hugged Beau and she didn’t let go.

“I don’t want you to go.” She said. It was funny because she said she would come over to our house next month.

“I know. I don’t want to either. But you can come to see me next month okay?” He asked as he held her face in his hands. She nodded just before I left the room to find Daniel. Me and Hayden made sure everyone was packed last night so we could sleep in a little and then head out.

“Good morning.” Luke said as he and Hayden were sitting in the kitchen eating.

“Morning.” I answered back. “Where’s Daniel?” I asked right after. They both shrugged. He didn’t leave a note this morning hopefully he didn’t leave. I walked around the house further saying morning to James. I heard him whispering things to himself in the bathroom on the other side of the house that none of us used. I slowly opened the door. “Babe?” I asked. He turned around and looked at me with his hand down his pants. “Blue balls?” I giggled at him closing the door and stepping closer to him.

“Make sure its locked.” He whispered as he kissed my neck. I knew we couldn’t go far because I wasn’t on birth control yet and my brothers would kill him. He reached his hand under my shirt and placed it just below my breast.

“Daniel, we can’t.” He moaned out as he pulled away.

“You’re killing me.” He said. I just looked at him. “I know I know. You aren’t on birth control and your brothers would kill me.” He said. He knew it was true so why he even tried I don’t know.     

“I’m sorry.” I said before he moved his hand away from me. He sighed. I slowly walked out of the room. I knew he was angry with me and I wasn’t going to make it worse than it already was.

“What’s up his ass?” Beau asked when he saw me in the kitchen and Daniel went storming past me to the bedroom.

“Nothing.” I answered him. I knew if I told him what just went down he would be more than mad at both of us.

“Well he better get his shit together we are leaving soon.” He said. I looked at the clock and we were suppose to be leaving in less than thirty minutes.

“I’ll get him.” I walked to the bedroom where I knew he would be getting ready to go. “ I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me. You acted like you wanted it so badly. Am I not enough for you?” I was taking back. He was more than enough.

“Daniel, my mother just died. I’m not ready to just open myself up, not that much. And we’ve talked about this. Not until I’m on birth control and I’m ready.” I said to him standing in the doorway.

“I know.” Was all he said.


* * * * * * * *


The plane ride was quiet. Daniel mostly ignored me and I let him. I sat in between him and Beau. James and Jai were together with another man and Hayden and Luke were with a little girl.

“He’s really mad.” Beau said. I looked over at him giving him the no shit face. Daniel had headphones on so he couldn’t hear us. “Why?” He asked.

“I wouldn’t have sex with him.” I said.

“You said you wanted to wait.” He said.

“Yeah, I know.” All I asked was for him to wait. I didn’t want to jump right into things and have him leave me. It always happened and it sucked.

“Just leave him be for a little.” I planned on doing that. Maybe for a few days. He has been with me every single day for the past three almost four months. I understand if he needs to get away from me.  I wish I could make him feel better but I knew I couldn’t. I knew I needed to let him be.


        *HAYDEN P.O.V*


        I was feeling very sick just as the plan was about to land. I was now four months along and my belly was getting bigger and my clothes were getting smaller and smaller. I was getting more excited as my due date was getting closer but I was also getting more nervous. That meant that the baby would be here soon.

        "What are you freaking out about?" Luke asked as we rushed off the plane so we wouldn't run into any fans.

        "The baby. I don't feel good." He wrapped an arm around me as we found all of our bags and hurried out to the limo that was picking us up. We all piled into the car.

        "He's fine. I promise." He said. He kept calling the baby a him but I wasn't so sure that it was a boy. I very badly wanted a girl. I wanted to name her Ryan. I thought would be an adorable name for a little girl.

        "Luke, I don't think its a boy. I think its a girl." I said as he held my hand. The ride back to the house wasn't that far. I would be heading home tonight to be with my parents for a few days since I haven't seen them. We would all be heading home.

        "Well when is your next appointment? We can find out then." He said.

        "I think its next week." I answered him. I was so very excited to find out if it was a girl or a boy. Everyone else was talking to each other besides Violet and Daniel. They weren't even sitting near each other. "What's going on with them?" I whispered to Luke who shrugged. I texted Violet.

        'What's wrong with you and Daniel?'

        'He wanted to have sex and I said no not until I'm on birth control and ready. and he got mad about that.' She answered back looking at me. The limo driver dropped me off first since my house was closest to the airport.

        "Thank you so much boys! I had so much fun!" I said and kissed Luke just before I got out of the car. I heard a few byes just before I got out of the car. My mom and dad greeted me outside the limo. 


        *DANIEL P.O.V*


        I knew it wasn't fair to her that I was mad at her but it wasn't fair to me either. I knew she didn't want to have sex yet but she always came onto me seeimg like she did. It kinda sucks. And I know she is going to tell her brothers and they are going to kill me.

        "Bye." I said as I got out of the car. She said a bye back but turned away after I stepped out. I closed the door behind me and my mom helped me with my bags before they drove off. I was exhausted and it wasn't even late.

        "You all right?" My mom asked as I walked into the house.

        "Yeah. I'm fine." I said as we carried the bags to my room. We had recently just built onto the house pushing the back wall out to make the bedrooms and porch bigger. Because I paid for it, I got the biggest room where I had a bathroom installed. She placed the bags on the bed where she opened them and we both began to put them away.

        "How was the trip?" She asked.

        "Its amazing over there. I'll have to bring you sometime." I said. "We mostly stayed home, went swimming, ate some pizza. We microwaved James' phone." I said while laughing.

        "That's not nice." My mother was the type of person to always think of others when she should really be thinking of herself. She was the type of person to never ask for anything but deserved the world. I believed that about every women. Some deserve more and others deserve less. If they aren't going to do anything for what they want, why do they think they are going to get it?

        "We bought him a new one." I said. He still had the super old one so we all bought him the newest Iphone. "Violet is having some issues." I said.

        "With what?" She asked.

        "I don't even know. She's been acting weird." I said.

        "Did you get her pregnant?" She asked her eyes wide.

        "Don't even worry about that." I rolled my eyes. No one should be worrying about that thats the least of everyones worries. "I don't know what to do." I sat down on the bed.

        "Honey, you have been with her in a house for almost three months. Of course you were eventually were going to get sick of each other. This is normal." She said sitting next to me.

        "I didn't even kiss her bye." I said. I wished I had kissed her goodbye but instead I slammed the door and left.

        "I don't know Daniel. You need to remember her mother just died. She might seem okay, but a smile can hide a lot and for god sake that little girl doesn't need any more stress than she already has. You need to understand that is almost three years younger than you. She's not ready to do some of the things you are ready to do. Take some time away. Hang out with just the guys. Let her know you need a little break."

        "She'll think I want to break up."

        "Tell her you don't." My mother was acting like a teenager and I was barely one myself anymore. "If you love her, and she loves you, She'll understand." I was going to leave it be for a few days and talk to her when we have all calmed down. Put I know I love that girl and I would never let anything happen to her.

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