The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


6. It has happened







The truth? I wasn’t seeing the dark place anymore. Of course there was still some type of dark place but it wasn’t as bad as it was before. I was surrounded by people I loved, people I would be around for the rest of my life. We had just landed in L.A and I was super excited. The house we would be staying at was huge. Me and Daniel would be sharing a room. Jai and James would be sharing a room, Beau had his own, and Luke and Hayden would be sharing. Along with the boys shooting their own videos, cameras would be around the house filming us for a reality T.V show.

“This house is huge.” I said as we pulled up to it. We had taken two different cars. I was with Daniel, James and Beau. Jai, Luke and Hayden were in the other. Basically, we were stuck in this house for a few months filming. We were allowed to leave to film or get food. Otherwise we were stuck in the house together. It was like Big Brother. There of course was a room where we went to talk about anything. They called it ‘Truth.’ I was so excited for everything! We all got out and pulled our bags out. We all had different colors so we knew who was who’s. I grabbed mine and headed into the house. I first had to unlock the door. The boys just watched as me and Hayden headed into the house first. The doors had our names on them. I walked to me and Daniels room. The walls were red and blue with splashed of black.

“This is awesome.” He said as he came into the room behind me.

“I know!” I shouted jumping up and down. He came up behind me.

“Are you happy?” He asked.

“Very.” He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck. I was really looking forward to getting to spend every single day with him. 

“Guys, they want you to go to truth.” The camera men where here when we showed up getting our reactions as we walked through the door. There were also cameras set up all around the house watching us. Me and Daniel walked hand in hand together to truth. When we opened the door there was a lady in there sitting next to a camera.

“Take a seat guys. I’m just going to ask you questions and you answer.” She said and we both nodded. “Where did you meet?” She asked. I thought about.

“I’m pretty sure we met when I was born. He has known my brothers since they were three and they had just turned three when I was born. So either birth or a few years after.” I answered.

“How long have you been dating?” 

“Almost two weeks.” Daniel said. She asked us more questions.

“How do you know Jai, Luke and Beau.” She asked.

“They are my brothers.” I said.

“Been friends forever.” Daniel answered after. She asked us more questions but I was getting very bored with my life. 

“Okay, you guys can go.” She said. Me and Daniel got up and left. I walked around the house. I went out the back doors and there was a pool. I then went up the stairs and in one of the bathrooms there was a hot tub! I knew staying here was going to be awesome.




I watched as Violet ran around the house shouting when she found something new. I loved that she wasn’t in that dark place. After we buried our mother she was very upset but a few days later she realized she was going to be okay. She came running into the kitchen where I was sitting.

“Did you check the fridge?” She asked and her eyes went wide.

“No. I didn’t think about it.” I said. I got up and we both went over to the huge fridge. We both pulled one side of the fridge open. It was piled high with snacks and meat for us to eat. There were tons of drinks. Me and Violet were the ones who loved food the most. We usually always went out to eat together.

“Holy.” She whispered.

“I know.” I said. 

“Stop yelling.” Hayden came into the room. We both turned around and gave her a confused look.

“What?” I asked.

“Luke is sleeping.” I laughed.

“Well he can suck my dick.” I said. She eventually left and Daniel came into the room and stood behind Violet wrapping his arms around her. “ I’ll just leave.”




“Would you join me for dinner tonight?” I asked Violet.

“Of course I will.” She answered kissing me. “I’m going to go get ready.” She said. I left her to get ready and went to sit by the pool.

“If you break her heart, I will break your face.” Jai said. I knew he was serious.

“I can’t break her. I don’t know how. And I think I’m falling her.” I answered him.

“Keep your dick in your pants.” I laughed.

“Maybe.” I said. I sat down next to him. “Can I take her out on a date tonight?” I asked him. I waited for his answer.

“Yes. But only because you asked me like I was her father. I appreciate that.” He said.

“Thanks.” I walked back into the house and into me and Violets room where she was doing her hair. “You don’t have to get all fancy.” I said sitting on the bed.

“Yes I do. I want everyone to know I’m yours. Gotta look just as hot as my boyfriend.” She said and I laughed.

“Oh how much I like you.” I said while I got up and kissed her. 




“What is your issue?!” I yelled at Hayden. I could tell something was wrong. She was walking around the house all pissed off and eating a bunch of food.

“Nothing!” She yelled back.

“Are you on your period?!” I yelled at her.

“Why do all guys just assume girls are on their period when she is pissed off?!” She yelled.

“Well what else would I assume?” I asked in a calmer voice.

“I don’t know. That I’m just hungry and tired.” I thought about. Now that I realize we were just on a plane for a long time and she didn’t eat.

“Sorry...” I mumbled and walked to her. “I didn’t mean to yell.” I said kissing and hugging her.

“I’m sorry I’ve been bitchy.” She said. We decided to go and lay down in bed and take a nap hoping we would both calm down and relax.




After eating dinner we went to see a movie. We decided to see Red Dawn. Of when terrible things started to happen I cried. Once the movie was oer I was crying so bad Daniel had to help me down the stairs and out to the car. I held onto his arm while I cried.

“That was so sad.” I said through the sobs that were leaving my mouth. “I want to train.” I said. “I want to be able to fight. And shoot guns.” I said. He looked at me like I was going crazy. “If that ever happened, Me and Hayden would be the first ones gone, I don’t want to die. I want to protect something I believe in.” I said. 

“Then we fight.” I knew that if something ever like that happened, Korea would come after us. Now this could happen in the states or back in Australia, either way, I wanted to be prepared for whatever came our way. We pulled into the drive way and Beau was standing there looking up at the sky.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I got out of the car.

“Just looking at the sky.” He said back.

“Checking for men falling out of the sky?” I asked. His head snapped at me and his eyes went wide.

“You saw it too?” He whispered.

“You couldn’t tell I was crying?” I laughed. 

“Luke brought me, James and Jai to see it with Hayden. I’m freaking out.” He said.

“Yeah me too.” I ran inside the house just incase something bad did happen. Hayden was standing there.

“Come with me.” She said as she dragged me to the bathroom at the other end of the house.

“Whats wrong?” I asked her.

“I’m having a really big issue.” She said. I looked at her.

“And that issue is...?” I trailed off. 

“I haven’t gotten my period.” She said sitting down on the toilet. “I’m pregnant.”

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