The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


25. Brothers





    We had torn apart Violet’s room in the Cali home so she was sleeping Daniel’s room and I wasn’t very happy about it. Of course Jai would always find himself in between them and she wasn’t very happy about that either. The movers were suppose to be here with her things from home in any minute. I was sitting out by the pool when they pulled up and I went running to the driveway.

    “Just try to stay quiet because everyone else is still asleep and I don’t want to deal with them just yet.” I said to the mover’s who laughed.

    “We will do our best. Where is all of this stuff going?” They asked and I showed them the room. She had requested to have the walls painted an almost gray color so I had gotten the painting done last week so it would be dry before the mover’s began bringing everything into the house. For the most part, they were quiet. I even paid them extra for not waking anyone else up. I woke up Luke at the time he wanted me to and he helped me move everything into it’s spot.

    “What are her and Daniel doing today?” He asked and I shrugged. I didn’t really care what they did as long as they stayed out of my hair. Well not Violet but everyone else.

    “She said something about the beach. Walking the boardwalk or something like that.” I answered shrugging.

    “She also started planning his birthday party.” Luke said. “She said she invited a bunch of other youtuber’s.” He said going about putting her room together. I’m sure she would move it around later anyway.

    “Who did she invite?” I asked him.

    “I know she invited Maz, Our second life, Andrea, Jenn, just those guys. I know she invited some of his friends from home too and they are flying out.”

    “So they will be staying here.” I stated and he nodded his head. Our house was big enough for us and a few more people but I had a feeling everyone that Violet and Daniel knew would be coming to this party and I’m sure there would be drinking and drunk people laying around my house. “I have a feeling there will be a lot more people here than just them.”

    “Don’t talk about that with him next door!” Violet said as she came into her room. “Oh my gosh! I love it!” She said as she got up on the bed and started jumping.

    “Sit down! That bed cost a lot of money!” I shouted at her and she sat down.

    “Are you on your period?” She asked tilting her head to the side.

    “No! Are you?” I asked.

    “No.” I saw a little guilt in her eye before it quickly went away.

    “What was that look?” I asked her. She then looked at me confused.

    “What look?” She asked smiling sweetly at me.

    “Is your period late?” I asked her. I felt like this was a question I should not be having with her. She nodded her head. “No you’re not. You’re not pregnant.” I said getting down on my knees in front of her. “Violet, please tell me you are not pregnant.” I said putting my hands on her shoulder.

    “I don’t know.” She shrugged. “It doesn’t add up.” She said. “I got at the end of September. The last time and Daniel did anything was a few days ago. We didn’t do anything after I got my period the first time.” She answered counting on her fingers.

    “Go take a test.” I ordered her. I sighed as I sat down on the bed. I was not going through this right now. It was different with Luke. He was with Hayden for like two years and he was a guy. He was older. Violet had just turned seventeen in August. I would beat her ass if she was pregnant.

    “Beau!” She shouted to me and I went to the bathroom where she was. “Negative.” She said and I sighed. “I’m on birth control remember?” She asked. I wasn’t sure as to why I was so paranoid about it. I knew both her and Daniel were very careful.

    “Morning.” Daniel said coming into her room. “It looks great. Good job guys.” He said.

    “Morning.” She answered and kissed him.

    “Are you going to tell him or am I?” I asked her.

    “You can.” She said looking down.

    “What’s going on?” Daniel asked.

    “Your girlfriend here just had to take a pregnancy test.” I answered and he looked at her with wide eyes.

    “What? I use condoms every time. I have never forgotten them. And you’re on birth control. How is that possible?”

    “I’m not pregnant relax. But I still haven’t gotten my period.” She said to him and he sighed.

    “Jesus. You scared me half to death.”

    “Would it really be that bad?” She asked.

    “Yes!” We both said at the same time.

    “Well, I know we are never having kids!” She shouted before she stormed off and we both looked at each other sighed.

    “Now she’s mad.” He said.

    “She’ll get over it.” I answered. Hazel would be coming over any minute and I was taking her out to lunch. I really liked Hazel, I hope we would be together for a long time because I could see myself marrying her.




    If Daniel was afraid to have kids now, it was most likely not going to change in a few years. I was actually really upset about it because I would love to have a baby.

    “Violet, please open the door.” Daniel knocked on the door for the tenth time in a half hour.

    “No! Go away!” I shouted.

    “I think we need to talk about this!” He said trying to turn the knob and I ran over and sat against the door. “Violet, please.” He whispered. I could tell he was sitting against the other side of the door. I finally unlocked the door and he slowly opened it and he sat against the door after he closed it and looked at me as I sat up against the tub.

    “So talk.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

    “You’re seventeen. You don’t need a baby. One is about to move in here in like a week and you’ll realize you don’t want one this early.” He said trying to move closer to me.

    “But when you have a pregnancy scare, you kinda dream of having a baby.”  I said to him. He sighed as he looked at me.

    “I love you more than life and I don’t want to watch you go through what Hayden and Luke did with Ryan. I could not see you go through pain like that. I can deal with what pain you already have.” He said and he got even closer and he reached out and grabbed my hand. “Please don’t do this to me.” He said.

    “I won’t.” I got closer to him and wrapped my arms around him. “I’m sorry.”

    “You’re killing me.” He said resting his chin on the top of my head.

    “I know. But you love me anyway.” I smiled up at him.

    “I do love you.” He said and he leaned back to look at me before he leaned back in and kissed me. “What am I going to do with you?” He asked me and I  shrugged.

    “You don’t have to do anything with me. Just feed me sometimes and have sex with me. I think I’ll be fine.” He laughed. We heard the door open but neither one of us moved.

    “I need to pee can you get out?” Jai asked as he came into the room.

    “No.” I answered.

    “Violet, I’m not in the mood to deal with you right now. Just leave.” We were sitting in his bathroom. I sighed before I stood up.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked.

    “Ariana is now dating Big Sean.”

    “She’s a bitch anyway, Jai.” I said and he nodded his head.

    “I already know that.” He said before shoving us out the door.

    “I hate seeing him upset.” I said to Daniel.

    “I know.” He answered rubbing my back. “Let’s go do something.” He said to me.

    “Like what?” I asked.

    “Beach or something. Mini golfing?” He asked.

    “Sure. Ask the boys if they want to come.” I said going into my room to try and find some clothes to wear. I decided on shorts and a teal tank top. I threw on some flip flops as Daniel was getting impatient and was yelling at me to hurry. We ended up all going besides Beau since he was with Hazel. We decided to do teams. Me and Daniel against Luke, James and Jai. Even with having less people me and Daniel won.

    “I’ll give you a treat later for winning.” He said winking at me and everyone else groaned.

    “Don’t talk about that in front of us.” Luke said and I just looked at him.

    “Because you or Hayden didn’t or anything.” I said rolling my eyes.

    “Of course we did but you’re my little sister and I don’t want to know what you do in the bedroom. It’s gross.” He said.

    “I understand.” I said. They all then treated me to dinner and we went to get some ice cream.

    “Beau told me about earlier.” Luke said to me.

    “I figured he would.”

    “You don’t want to get pregnant Vi. Hayden loves our little girl but it is very hard. She had her ten weeks early. We almost lost her. I don’t want to see you go through that.” He said and I nodded my head.

    “Daniel doesn’t want a baby anyway.” I said as we walked.

    “You’re only seventeen.”

    “I already had this talk.” I looked at him. “I don’t want to get fat anyway.” I wasn’t perfectly skinny but I wasn’t fat either. I was confident about myself and I was able to wear bikinis and Beau let me get my belly button pierced.

    “Good.” Luke said. “Just come to us if you ever need anything.”

    “I already do.” I answered. I usually went to them for everything because there wasn’t a girl that I could go to. I was around them all the time.

    “I know you do. But if you ever need anything just ask. We would rather you ask and be safe than not ask and not be safe.” He said and I nodded my head. I knew exactly what he meant.

    “Luke, we are careful. I promise.” He smiled at me before he threw his arm over my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around his waist. I smiled up at him and he pressed his lips to my forehead and I closed my eyes. I could hear camera’s snapping behind us and I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face.

    “I love you Violet. Always remember that.”

    “I love you too.”

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