The little sister

Brooks brother Beau, Jai and Luke have a little sister named Violet. Although she isn't much younger than the twins, they do their best to protect her from boys and their own mother. When tragedy strikes how will the boys keep Violet sane?


5. A look at death







I was laying in bed with Daniel. He was still asleep and I was admiring his beauty. My phone began to vibrate and I picked it up. I didn’t know the number. I was afraid to answer at first but did anyway.

“Hello?” I asked into the phone.

“Is this Miss. Brooks?” 

“Yes.” I said. I played with my fingers. “Can I help you?” I asked.

“I’m calling to inform you that your mothers liver gave out last night. She didn’t survive.” Daniel was now awake and watching me. Sobs automatically fell out of my mouth and tears ran down my cheeks faster than light could travel. Daniel took the phone from me while the lady explained to him what would happen. I eventually found enough strength to go to Beau and tell him.

“Beau.” I shook him awake. I barely had a voice. It took a while for me to wake him but  he eventually rolled over and looked at me.

“Whats wrong!” He asked sitting up. I sat down on his bed in front of him. More tears were falling down my face.

“Mom....s h-h-her liver g-g-gave o-o-o-out.” I took a deep breath and wiped some tears. “She didn’t make it.” I said. He frowned and pulled me into a hug.

“Oh god.” Was all he said. I cried into his shoulder. He was crying just as hard as I was. He let go of me and buried his face into a pillow. I couldn’t stand seeing him cry. I went to Jai next knowing that I didn’t want Hayden to see me cry.

“Jai.” I said. I walked into the room and he was already awake.

“Yeah?” He asked. He looked over to me and he saw my red puffy eyes. “I heard you talking to Beau.” I saw fresh tears forming in his eyes and spilled over his eye lids. I ran to him and hugged him. We cried into each others shoulders. Beau came into the room then. He woke up Luke. I looked up to see that Beau’s eyes were getting to look blood shot. 

“What?!” Luke yelled. He didn’t enjoy getting woken up early in the morning.

“Mom died.” Beau said. I didn’t hear a response over my own tears.

“Where’s Violet?” He asked. I could tell he was crying.

“Right here.” I said. He got off the bed and pulled me into hug. My eyes were hurting so bad already. Daniel came into the room and I was shifted from Luke to him. I kissed his neck  few times while he kissed my shoulder. “Come lay with me.” I barely even heard my own voice. He followed behind me holding me. We didn’t even get out into the hall way when new tears were falling from my eyes. He held my head to his chest as I cried trying to shoosh me. I could feel myself slipping into that dark place, and that place scared the hell out of me.




I have never dealt with anything like this before. I knew I needed to be strong for Violet. She just lost the only person who raised her. Maybe she didn’t raise her right but Violet still had a love for our mother there because she didn’t know any better. 

“We need to be strong for her.” Luke said. I wanted Hayden to leave. She always made everything harder because she never really understood what was wrong with Violet and why we cared for her so much.

“I want Hayden to leave.” I said to Luke as we talked in my room. I was making the bed. I wanted mom to know that I cared what my house looked like the first time she saw it. Luke left the room and explained to Hayden what was wrong. I could tell he was chocked up. I wanted to hug him but I knew he needed time with Hayden. 

“We can’t let Violet get to that place again.” Jai said. Jai was scared to death when Violet was cutting. He didn’t want to run home from school everyday making sure she didn’t kill herself.

“Its too late!” I yelled. I knew she was back there. With everything with Chris and now the death of our mother, she was back there. And she wouldn’t be back here for a while. 




I could hear the boys yelling at each other over Violets sobs. I knew they were yelling about her. The were talking about the ‘Dark place’. I have seen that dark place in her. We would run home from school everyday to make sure she was still alive. 

“I shouldn’t be crying over her. She nearly killed me.” Violet said as she looked at me. 

“She’s still your mother.” I whispered running my fingers through her hair. “They said we should head over to the hospital to say good bye.” I said to her. She rolled out of bed and told the boys before she came in and got dressed.

“Will you come?” She asked me.

“Of course I will.” I said. We all piled into Jai’s car and drove over to the hospital. I had known their mother for most of my life. Although I wanted to cry my eyes out I knew if I did it would make Violet very upset. 

“We should call Auntie Jen.” She said. I took her phone and scrolled to the contact knowing she wouldn’t be able to talk.

“Hey Vi.” She said.

“Hi, this is actually Daniel.” Her aunt had known me for a long time.

“Oh hey! How are you?” She asked.

“Not so good. I have some bad news.” I said.

“Whats wrong?” She asked.

“ Geena passed in the hospital early this morning.” I said. “We are heading their now to say bye if you would like to meet us there.” I said.

“All right honey. We will see you soon.” She said and hung up. Violet rested her head on me. I felt bad for all of them. I know they live alone but they no longer had an adult in their life. Of course they were all mostly adults and could care for themselves but still.

“We are going on tour soon.” Jai said from the front seat. We would be heading over to the states in the next couple of weeks to go on tour and we would be filming a reality T.V show there.

“We can’t go until we take care of mom and get her buried.” Beau answered. The hospital had told me that they would take care of planning the funeral knowing we had no idea how to do it. The ride to the hospital seemed to take forever. The car ride was silent. When we pulled up to the hospital I was the first one out and helped Violet out. She had a death grip on my hand and arm as we walked into the hospital. I could hear her breathing. I hated hospitals. 

“Brooks.” I said as we walked to the front desk. 

“I’ll show you.” The nurse said in a quiet voice. You could tell she knew that we were all upset. We were all a little afraid to walk into the room. I decided I would go first thinking it would be easier for me. As I looked at her I could tell she was pale. Her eyes were closed. And to be honest, she had never been more beautiful. 

“She’s never been more beautiful.” I whispered. Violet came in behind me and stood next to me. She held my hand as she looked at her. After she let go of my hand she walked over to her mother and kissed her on the head. 

“Good bye, mom.” She said. Her voice cracked as she said those last words to her mother. She stood back up and walked over to me. “She’s in a better place.” She answered. Beau went next and said his goodbyes. Jai and Luke went together.  When they came back we all hugged. Jen walked into the room and cleared her throat. You could tell she had been crying. She said good bye and we all left the room. She hugged each of us before we all went out to lunch.

“Whens the funeral?” She asked.

“Monday.” Today was Saturday. The nurses said they had already called everyone but they didn’t have much family. We were just going to bury her and then go out to eat. Since we would also be leaving the same week it was also a sort of going away party. Hayden and Violet would also be coming with us. Violet because I wouldn’t be able to live without her and the boys would never allow it. It would also keep her sane. Hayden was coming so Luke wouldn’t lose his mind and to please his dick. 




I watched as my mothers casket was lowered into the ground. My family were standing around. Some were crying, some weren’t doing anything at all. Me? I felt numb. I could feel, I knew I could because Daniel was holding my hand. I knew I had a heart because I could feel it breaking. But there were no tears, there was nothing. My brothers were trying to be strong and I knew they didn’t need to be for my sake.

“You okay?” Daniel asked me.

“Yes.” I knew I wasn’t okay though. I could see the darkness taking over. I knew my brothers could see it happening.

“You’re lying.” He said.

“Its dark.”

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