Fall and crash

Emma and Luke were in love until one night changed the way Emma felt


12. walks in

Then Ashton walks in. WHAT THE FUCK! Ashton yells.

Oh my god I walked in on sexy time. He says.

Calum gets up and grins I'll get you next time Kieran!

Then they both get dressed.


I woke up and Luke was laying on my belly.

Lukey baby get up. You say needing to pee.

You shake him a little.

Lukey get up now or I will pee on you! You yell

He rolls to his side. So you can get up. When you get back Luke has a massive Hangover. So he goes back to sleep. You sit with ashton and watch Frozen.


I know I know it's short I am working on it.

Hope you babes are having a wonderful day love yas lots💚💙

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