Fall and crash

Emma and Luke were in love until one night changed the way Emma felt


5. new love

Luke and Zoella? You say out loud. You quickly grab your phone and call one of your best friends Ashton.

Hello Emma?

Hi ash um can I come on the rest of tour with you?

Yea sure babe. I will be at the airport to pick you up

Ok bye.

You pack your stuff and go to the airport you got on the plane and fell asleep. You woke up and the plane landed and you seen ash. Ash you yell. Emma come in let's go I need to talk to you. You get in the car and start to drive. Ash you say crying. Babe I know Luke and Zoella. That fucking idiot hurting a amazing girl like you. Emma I really like you. I like you to ash. No Emma I love you like a girlfriend. I love you to ash and I think I can make you my boyfriend. Yes ashton yells. We arrive at the hotel. Ash are you sharing a room with Luke? Yep babe. Don't worry tho. Ok we walk in the room and Luke is sitting on the bed with a worried look. Ashton puts his arm around my waist.

WHAT THE FUCK ASHTON DONT TOUCH MY GIRL! Luke yells. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him.

EMMA?! Luke says

Well Luke I seen you were just loving making out with Zoella.

Emma I was drunk I am so sorry I love you.

Luke you can't just say sorry and think I will forget!

But I love you Emma

Listen Luke I love you but you really hurt me and I don't know if I can still trust you. I will think about you and me.


Hey babes don't worry this is a Luke imagine. Emma and Luke will find a way. Thanks for reading! Love ya❤️

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