Fall and crash

Emma and Luke were in love until one night changed the way Emma felt


13. movie night

You, Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum were sitting around. Then Ash yells lets watch some movies! He gets up and puts a movie in. You burry your head into Luke's chest.he lightly kiss the top of your head. You look up at him and say

I love you Lukey.

I love you to Emi.

You turn around and look at the screen and watched Finding Nemo with the boys.

You say to calum. Where is Kieran?

Oh calum says she went home to see her family for a week or two.

Ahhhh I will miss her. You say sadly.


HEY HEY HEY! I got a update :) I might do one tomorrow night to:) btw Kieran is calpal_babe check her out!!! You can follow me on twitter: Emma hemmings @ Lukeyyy_hemmo. I LOVE YAS🙈💜💚

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